Why is my faucet leaking

Why is my faucet leaking?

Besides the toilets in your home, the faucets are the next most used plumbing fixture. Think about how many times you turn on and off your bathroom tap. Like all things, over time and with each use, the components begin to break down. Here we will explore some common causes of leaking faucets.

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Leaking from the spout

 If your faucet is leaking from the spout, it can be caused by a piece called a “seat”. This is at the connection between the spout and the faucet. Sediments and minerals in the water can cause this piece to corrode over time. Depending on the age and brand of the faucet, a plumber will be able to get a replacement part.

**Disclaimer** Not all faucet brands are created equal or have regularly available parts. A lot of high-end or European brand faucets are hard to find repair/replacement parts for. When you are selecting a faucet, our plumbers advise picking a brand that is readily available in North America, such as Riobel, American Standard, Delta or Kohler.

Leaking by the base

A common occurrence in faucets with cartridges, leaking at the base is usually caused by a faulty O ring. This piece is located up against the screw which holds the handle in place. It is an essential piece that can become worn out over time. A plumber is able to replace this part easily, granted the faucet is not excessively old and the part is available.

Leaking under the faucet

A leak coming from under the faucet could be several things and an experienced plumber will be able to tell you quickly. It could be where the water supply lines connect to the faucet fixture. If these are not on tight or a seal breaks, it can start to leak. It could also be the shut off valves have seized and need to be replaced. It is best to contact a plumber right away if you notice your faucet leaking from underneath.

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