Why is my basement drain clogged

From a puddle to a flood, finding water on your basement floor because of a basement drain clog can be a stressful event. To help you troubleshoot your issue we take a look at the top 5 causes of finding water in your basement and the initial steps to take to get it fixed fast.

If water is actively backing up and not stopping, call a plumber immediately. The friendly plumbers at Trouble Shooters are available 24/7 for all emergency calls.

Evaluating a basement drain clog

Time to put on your detective hat! It is important to gather vital details about when you first noticed your basement drain clog. Here are some initial questions that our office would typically ask to get a sense of where the problem might be:

  • What time of day did you notice the water and where in the basement do you see it?
  • Is it just water or does it smell/ is it sewage?
  • How much liquid is there?
  • Was it raining our or was someone using the bathroom around the time it happened?
  • Does this happen every time you use the toilet/shower/laundry etc?

These questions help our team better understand where the issue originates and what it might take to fix it.

Top 5 causes of a basement drain clog

Main drain clog – If the drain leaving your house is blocked, then the sewage has no where to go but back up. The first sign of a main drain clog is when the floor drain in your basement backs up. This kind of back up is the most alarming as you cannot use any plumbing fixtures in your house until it is fixed. Furthermore, sewage presents a health risk and needs to removed right away. For these types of serious clogs, it is best to call a plumber.

Main drain defect or break – If you have reoccurring backups, it could be because of a larger problem like a drain defect or break. To get more information, it is important to get a drain camera inspection so you can visually see what is causing your issues. These are serious and will continue to cause major backups until they are fixed.

Laundry machine branch clog – Lint and debris from washing clothes or linens can cause the drain line to clog. If you notice water in or around your washing machine it could be causing your basement drain clog.

Basement bathroom branch clog – Bathroom drains clog all the time from hair and paper products that get stuck in the drain. This is a very common type of basement drain clog. You will start to notice water draining slowly from the toilet or shower before it becomes completely clogged. This is your indicator that the drain needs service.

Heavy rain/flooding of the storm system –  If you have water flooding up from your basement floor drain and it is also heavily raining out, the storm system may be overloaded and causing the backup. The storm system in Toronto is antiquated and in some low-lying flood areas this can mean that they cannot handle the amount of rain we sometimes experience. This causes the road chambers to fill up and then push the water back up and into your home. Your best defense against this is a backwater valve, a device which prevents this from happening.

How to fix a basement drain clog

The best way to diagnose and fix a basement drain clog is to contact an experienced plumber at Trouble Shooters. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and our expertise to:

  • Verify where and what caused the backup
  • Identify the best solution
  • Professionally repair the problem

Contact Trouble Shooters today to get your basement drain clog cleared fast!

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