Why Every Home Buyer Should Get a Drain Inspection

Drain Inspection TorontoWhen buying a home, most homeowners neglect inspecting their plumbing systems. If you notice reoccurring sink or toilet backups, it’s important to investigate the root cause. A detailed drain inspection can help you determine the underlying cause of many plumbing issues. If you want to schedule a professional drain inspection in Toronto, choose Trouble Shooters Plumbing. We have been providing residential plumbing services including drain repairs, backwater valve installations and drain snaking since 1944.

When done by a professional plumber, a drain inspection can help:

  • Detect Early Plumbing Problems 

Even if the home you are buying is new, there might be drainage issues that you are unaware of. Spotting these issues before buying a home can provide insight into the investment you are purchasing. Professional plumbers can check your drains using a video camera inspection to identify damaged pipes and blockages. Drain cameras provide you with accurate information on screen and can even be recorded for your records.

  • Identify Damaged Pipes 

By checking the age and condition inside the pipes, you can accurately forecast upcoming repairs. If you have pipes that are made of clay, they should be replaced as they could eventually lead to leaking due to the disintegration of the natural clay material. Clay pipes are more prone to cracks and fractures that allow tree roots to infiltrate your drain. We do see issues such as sagging in PVC pipes as well. If you are experiencing back ups and have newer PVC pipes, sagging can be identified with a drain inspection.

  • Avoid Expensive Repairs 

A drain inspection can help you avoid expensive plumbing repairs by providing insight into the issue. This way the plumber can provide you with options on the repair and save unnecessary excavations. A drain inspection is an affordable way to gather information before making an expensive mistake.

What Drainage and Plumbing Issues to Look for When Buying a House? 

  • Backwater Valve  

Inspect if your home qualifies for a backwater valve installation. The valve protects your home from sewage backups in cases where the main sewer line is overloaded. Right now, the City of Toronto is also offering rebates with significant savings for homeowners. There is no better time to protect your home from the health hazards of sewage.

  • Main Sewer Drain 

Ensure tree roots are not obstructing your main sewer drain. A professional plumber can help you detect this obstruction through a camera inspection. Large sections of tree roots blockages can be cleared easily with hydro flushing. At Trouble Shooters, we have over 25 years’ experience hydro flushing drains.

  • Water Supply 

Check each faucet to see if water drains quickly and what the pressure is like when you are running several faucets fully open at the same time. Knowing what size the water service is when it enters your home is good information to have. You can then choose to upgrade your service which could increase your pressure. It is also critical to locate and ensure functionality of your main water supply shut off. An emergency is not the right time to figure out that the main shut is seized.

  • Water Heater 

Check the age of your water heater, as most hot water tanks last only for 10 years. If you are buying an older home, you might need to replace your water heater in the coming years. Ensure there are no leaks at the inlet or outlet valves of the water heater.

Buying a new home is a huge investment. So, take time to inspect your drainage and plumbing systems. Trouble Shooters Plumbing provides drain inspections in Toronto. We have specialized equipment to handle root blockages, broken pipes and sewer backups.

Contact us today to schedule a professional drain inspection in Toronto.