What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Detect

Drain camera and locating old drains

Sewer problems can lead to disastrous costs for property owners. Clogged or leaky sewer lines often cause water damage resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs.

Sewer blockages can also expose the people in affected buildings to health threats. Mould spores, fungal growth, and bacterial contamination can all result from sewer problems.

With all that in mind, it is important to monitor the state of your commercial property’s sewage system. That way, you can catch minor problems before they turn into big headaches. One great way to learn more about your property’s sewage system is to do a sewer camera inspection.

Common Threats to Sewer Lines

Sewer systems use gravity to transport dirty water and waste away from buildings. Even minor blockages or hangups in a sewer system can cause it to stop functioning correctly.

Grease blockages are the most common sewer blockages that can happen in a commercial property. Often small plazas with many restaurants, can experience major grease issues if the tenants do not keep up with cleaning their grease traps.

Tree roots are also one of the most frequent causes of sewer problems. Roots can penetrate pipes and joints in search of water, leading to blockages.

Inferior materials can also cause sewer headaches. Old clay pipes break down and crack leading to root issues and sometimes complete collapses.

Many of these issues can be detected with a sewer inspection.

Drain camera and locatingWhat Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The process begins with a technician finding the best cleanout location or manhole location to work from.

Then they will use a special sewer inspection camera attached to a long cable to take video of the inside of your sewer pipes. In addition to capturing images, the camera also uses a location-detecting device to record data that can be used to map out the placement of your sewer lines.

What Can a Sewer Line Camera Inspection Detect?

A sewer inspection can collect a variety of useful information for a property owner. Most importantly, it can identify blockages and root damage, as well as other kinds of physical damage to pipes.

The inspection can also determine the location and construction material of your sewer lines. It can pinpoint areas of your sewage system that may lead to problems in the future, allowing you to fix them before they turn into more costly issues.

Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

The price of a sewer camera inspection can vary depending on your sewer’s size, complexity, and location.

It is likely that regularly inspecting your property’s sewer will save you money in the long run, as you will be able to catch problems early.

Scheduling an Inspection

Sewer problems can strike unexpectedly and at any time. If you think your property or business could benefit from a sewer camera inspection, you should hire a professional and trusted company to do the job.

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