Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance


As part of Trouble Shooters ongoing commitment to health and safety, we would like to highlight the various ways we dedicate our resources to ensuring the equipment we provide our team is safe.

At Trouble Shooters, we invest our resources into purchasing equipment that allows us to better serve our customer’s needs. This includes service trucks, high pressure jetting trucks, and vacuum pumping trucks. Each of these pieces of equipment is a significant investment and requires regular maintenance to ensure it is safe to operate.

Our large specialized trucks, like the high pressure jetting truck and vacuum pumper, are very complex machines and they require more specialized and expensive maintenance than one of our service trucks. We are motivated to keep these machines working at their best possible capacity to bring our customers a high level of service and problem solving ability. Unlike our competitors, we have equipment that allows us to solve complex or hard to resolve blockages using these machines.

Our fleet of service trucks receives just as much service attention as our specialized units, perhaps even more. Since these trucks put on a lot of mileage driving around Toronto every day, they require frequent safety checks. From oil changes to monthly office inspections, these trucks are checked for issues regularly. Part of our commitment to health and safety means we check these vehicles monthly to ensure they have MSDS books, a first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. During their monthly inspection, they are checked for any mechanical issues and they receive service immediately if needed.

At Trouble Shooters, we dedicate our resources to ensuring the equipment our team is using is safe and functioning at its best which enables us to better serve our customers. If you are looking for a plumber with the technology and capacity to solve your issue, call Trouble Shooters today 416-291-9444.