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Ultimate Guide to Avoid Winter Plumbing Nightmares


Brr! Winter has made it to Toronto, which means 3-4 months of very cold temperatures and averages under 4°C. Dealing with the cold is rough enough, but having to fix emergency issues in the home can make things even worse. If you are trying to avoid winter plumbing nightmares this season, there are a few things you can do.

Read on for Trouble Shooters Plumbing’s guide to plumbing repair for winter.

Importance of Prevention

Emergency plumbing issues are more common during the winter months, which means it is your responsibility to think about prevention. Taking care of things now will lessen the risk that major problems occur later.

It is important to think about plumbing repair service during the winter because harsh conditions and cold weather can damage the plumbing system. Emergency plumbing repair could be needed at any time if proper steps aren’t taken beforehand. You don’t want to deal with sewer backups, frozen pipes, and other problems this winter.

What can you do to ensure you don’t come across these problems? Go through these steps:

Winterize Outdoor Faucets

Winterizing outdoor faucets is probably the easiest plumbing repair tip because it does not require professional assistance. However, you can always contact the experts at Trouble Shooters Plumbing for assistance. All you need to do is shut off outdoor faucets, disconnect hoses, and cover the bibs.

Insulate Pipes

To avoid needing a repair for a leak this season, invest in insulation for your pipes. Trouble Shooters Plumbing can insulate pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting, thus subsequently flooding your home.

This is an especially great idea for hot water pipes because insulation can keep heat in and reduce energy costs. With different types of insulation, you don’t have to break the bank to prevent damage. Our plumbing experts can help you decide which insulation method is right for your pipes this winter.

Maintain Heat In your Home

During the cold season, it is important to keep the temperature in the home steady, even if you’re leaving or going away on vacation. This will keep vulnerable pipes from freezing. You can also keep cabinet doors open so that heated air can circulate properly and reach your pipes in crawl spaces.

Inspect Water Heater

The last thing you want is to have no hot water when temperatures are below freezing outside. By inspecting your water heater, you can ensure it is working properly. If you are unsure how to prepare your water heater for the winter, call the experts at Trouble Shooters Plumbing.

Get a Plumbing Inspection

There is a list of things you can do for your Toronto home this winter to keep plumbing issues to a minimum. Most importantly, getting a plumbing inspection done by a professional is a great way to ensure you won’t have to deal with problems this cold season. Follow these steps and end them with a plumbing inspection to keep your plumbing system working properly.

Trouble Shooters Plumbing specializes in emergency service and all other plumbing issues in Toronto. Contact us and schedule an appointment online for an inspection.