Trouble Shooters has been Toronto’s local plumber for over 70 years. We have been family owned and operated since day one, focusing the business on truly helping and supporting our Toronto customers. Bringing a high level of honest plumber service to the residences and businesses in the Toronto community.

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Local Plumbers in your neighborhood

Since our inception in 1944, our shop and home base has been centrally located in the Greater Toronto Area. Ensuring our team can make it out to our customers fast, restock on supplies easily, and keeps us close to our beloved community. Our owners actively participate in community charitable events, either through personally volunteering at our local church or by supplying plumbers services complimentary. We have even retro-fitted a school bus with working plumbing so that it can serve hot meals and provide other services to the homeless. Through our charitable contributions, our team quickly became known as the local plumber everyone could rely on.

Constructing Toronto as the local plumber

We might have started out small but we grew fast. Trouble Shooters gained a reputation in the local plumber community for being able to solve plumbing problems with a high level of creativity. Making Trouble Shooters Plumbing the go to company when a plumbing issue was over the capability of our competition. As a result, we started to work with local builders, performing commercial plumber services. Working cooperatively with engineers, our team figured out creative solutions to complex building problems, and even ran new plumbing for some of the great commercial spaces in Toronto.

Local Service Plumbers with the right technology

As the company grew we reinvested in up-and-coming equipment and new technology. Trouble Shooters Plumbing was the very FIRST local plumbers in Toronto to own a drain video camera. This camera allowed our team to clearly identify issues without having to perform a big excavation, it was revolutionary at the time. We also invested in vacuum and high-pressure jetting trucks. These were seriously big investments that allowed us to take on more work from our commercial clients. We knew that to better serve our customers we had to invest in technology that provided clarity, solutions, and helped us expand our local plumber service offerings.

Local Plumbers in the community
Local plumber excavation
Local plumber buys very first drain inspection camera
local plumber - Our first high pressure jetting truck

For plumber services from a company Toronto has trusted for over 70 years, call our team. Trouble Shooters has been the local plumber in Toronto communities since 1944. You can reach us at 416-291-9444.