tree root blockage

Signs that you have a Tree Roots blockage in your Underground Pipes

tree root blockageOwning a home with big beautiful mature trees on the property sounds like a dream until the day that your plumbing doesn’t work anymore!

The battle against tree roots is a problem we see very often in homes with many or even just 1 mature tree on the front lawn. Roots can grow up to 2-3 times the radius of the canopy looking for nutrients. They are drawn to sources of water and food, which can sometimes mean your main drain! These roots climb in through joints or fractures and create nests and webs of roots so thick they can cause a severe tree root blockage. If left unchecked the roots can grow into long tangles which are much harder to remove.

Signs that Tree Roots May Be Clogging Your Plumbing

1.You experience frequent drain blockages.

Reoccurring toilet blockages, especially from a toilet in the basement, can indicate you have a larger issue. Pair this problem with a tree in the front yard and you could be looking at a tree root issue. If you are experiencing frequent blockages, we recommend getting a camera inspection to visually see what the problem is.

2.Sewage is backing up in your basement!

This is the worst kind of emergency. Not only is it hazardous to your health but it indicates that you have a serious main drain blockage. Call a plumber immediately! They can clear the drain and camera inspect to see the issue. If you have older clay piping, roots can easily make their way inside the drain through cracks in the older material. If you know your house has clay drains, we recommend having them camera inspected yearly for root intrusion.

3.You can see tree roots growing out of your drain.

Don’t laugh, we’ve seen this! Tree roots can grow extremely far distances searching for nutrients. If you can visually see them, you need to have the drain camera inspected to see how far they have grown in.

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean
Tree Root Blockage

Solutions for clearing a bad tree root blockage

Based on the severity of the tree root blockage you have several options.

If the blockage is very bad, we would recommend replacing the piping so roots can no longer grow in. This can be done with an excavation or through trenchless pipe-lining technology. This is the only permanent way to prevent future root intrusion, however it is more expensive.

If you are not ready to go down that route, we suggest high pressure jetting your drain line. This equipment uses high pressure water to simultaneously cut and push the blockage through the drain using high pressure water. It is safe for use on older drain lines and you can even use specialized nozzles to clean the walls of the drain. This service is extremely effective and can be done on a regular basis to cut back the roots.

In the event that your blockage isn’t too serious, you can hire a plumber to snake the drain. At Trouble Shooters we have specialized drain snaking equipment that can help clear you drain of a few roots.


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