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With over 25 years’ experience, the team at Trouble Shooters can clear your blockage fast with Toronto drain flushing!

As a leader in the plumbing and drain industry, we often get called in when a drain blockage is so severe a snake machine can’t clear it. Toronto drain flushing is an effective method of drain cleaning that can clear stubborn blockages faster than traditional methods and can often restore pipes to a newer state. Don’t just punch a hole in the problem, CLEAR it fast with drain flushing.

Toronto Drain Flushing –

How it works

Drain flushing uses high pressure water forced through hoses with a specialty nozzle on the end. The nozzle focuses the water in different directions and blasts the problem down the drain line. It is safe for use on PVC, cast iron and clay piping as long as the pipe is not thinning, rusting or already broken.

Toronto drain flushing is effective in both residential homes and on commercial properties! Here is a list of common problems we use drain flushing to clear:

Calcium build up – Often caused by mineral deposits in water and urine, this can build up into rock hard blockages which are impossible to clear any other way. Using Toronto drain flushing we can blast these blockages out of your pipe and restore normal flow.

Grease – Due to the convenient nature of a drain, grease gets poured down way too often and is the cause of 75% of the blockages we see. Grease, when it is warm, is a liquid but when it cools it turns into more of a sticky solid. Once slightly solid it can catch other food particles and eventually cause a massive blockage. A snake machine can help by punching a hole in the blockage but to truly clean your pipes of the grease you need Toronto drain flushing.

Tree roots – We need trees to breath but trees need water to survive and their roots can grow an enormous distance to find it. Including into your drain line through cracks and joints! A common issue we see in residential homes. The permanent solution is to replace the pipes however a temporary and cost-effective patch is to use Toronto drain flushing to cut the roots using water.

Rocks/stones – Due to construction, broken pipe or weeper, stones can make their way into the drain. Using drain flushing we are able to push this debris to a point where it can be safely removed from the drain.

Why use trouble Shooters

At Trouble Shooters, we believe in standing behind our drain flushing service with a warranty and an after-service camera inspection to ensure your blockage is clear. We can even record the video so you can keep it as a reference.

For more information or to book Toronto drain flushing, call us today 416-291-9444.

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean
Calcium build up Scarborough Robotic mainline camera

Calcified blockage in drain line before flushing.

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