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Toronto commercial plumbers Working at Heights

Trouble Shooters is one of the more progressive and safety conscious Toronto commercial plumbers in the industry. We pride ourselves on training our team in several key areas to ensure job site safety, including working at heights.

Did you know that, according to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board statistics, roughly one in six lost-time injuries results from falls? Unfortunately, falls are also the leading cause of fatal accidents in the Ontario construction industry. As of October 1st, 2017 all workers who use fall protection on a construction project must complete an approved Working at Heights Training program. That means any Toronto commercial plumbers hired for a project where a worker is exposed to a potential fall of three meters or more must have valid certification.

As your Toronto commercial plumbers, Trouble Shooters has already completed training with the members of our team that would be on job sites with potential fall hazards. We have invested in the proper fall protection equipment that is also required by legislation.

What the Working at Heights training consists of:

  • Identifying the factors affecting the risk of falling, and what the likelihood and severity of it would be
  • The various types of fall protection systems and their uses, set-up, limitations, and mechanisms
  • How to set-up, wear, and dismantle proper fall protection systems
  • The proper position to work at to reduce risk when using select working at heights equipment
  • The use of cautionary signs, barriers, and tape to identify fall hazards

Possible scenarios when a Toronto commercial plumber would be working at heights:

  • To high pressure jet drain lines that are hung from the ceiling.
  • Gaining access to water lines that are between floors in a drop ceiling.
  • Investigating roof drains.
  • Repairing cracked drains that are hung from the ceiling.

These are just a few of the many jobs that Trouble Shooters has performed where our plumbers are qualified to work at heights. Each job could be performed from either a ladder, skyjack or other elevated work platform depending on the height.

Toronto commercial plumbers working at HeightsWorking at Heights training enacted in other provinces has already shown a decline in injuries resulting from falls. At Trouble Shooters, we believe as Toronto commercial plumbers it is everyone’s right to return safe from work and this starts with being prepared. We work in various complex commercial plumbing environments and at times we need to work with high ceilings. Without proper training, we would be putting our team and the public at risk. As leading Toronto commercial plumbers, we train our team to be equipped to handle almost any task while reducing risk.

Trouble Shooters provides a wide range of commercial plumbing services while proactively working with customers to create maintenance schedules that protect their investment. For more information or to partner with Toronto commercial plumbers with over 70 years of experience, call Trouble Shooters at 416-291-9444.

To learn more about Working at Heights from the government of Ontario, click here.