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Backflow PreventerCommercial business across Ontario are being sent letters from their local municipalities advising them that they are required to perform a backflow prevention installation if they have not already. This mandatory installation is part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, for all owners of industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential properties. It ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the municipalities water supply.

If a business already has a backflow prevention device they are required to perform yearly backflow preventer testing. This testing can only be done by a certified Cross Connection Control Specialist with a current license to perform backflow Preventer Testing Toronto. The technician uses equipment that is specifically made just for the testing of backflow preventers.

It is mandatory that the equipment is calibrated every year to maintain high safety standards and ensure compliance with the law. This yearly calibration consists of a 5-point verification, equipment pressure test and the whole test is made public/traceable through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). So, should a customer wish to research to see if the Toronto plumbing Back Flow Preventer installer is using properly calibrated equipment, they can do so through the NIST list.

Avoid Contamination – Backflow Prevention Installation

A Backflow Prevention Install preserves the normal flow of water, from the public supply into the private supply. It essentially prevents water or contaminates from flowing in the other direction. Stopping any chemicals, pollutants, toxic substances etc. from entering the public water supply and putting the community at risk.

“Backflow”: The reversal of water flow from a private water supply line into the public water supply line. This could occur as a result of either back siphonage or back pressure and can happen without your knowledge.



Occurs when the pressure on the customer or homeowner’s side of the water connection is greater than City’s water supply system, and the difference between greater and lower pressure propels water from the customer or homeowner’s connection back into the main water supply system.


Back siphonage

Occurs when there is significant drop in pressure in the main water supply lines which can pull water back into the system from a nearby connection. If the water in the nearby system is contaminated, it contaminates the water supply of a large area. This abrupt drop in pressure can be caused by a removal of large amounts of water from the system such as a water main break or the use of hydrants to fight a fire.

Both of these can happen without you ever knowing and can cause catastrophic results. There have been several case studies in Canada and the US where local homeowners or companies have unknowingly endangered and threatened the lives of the communities they lived in. That is why there is legislation in place making it mandatory for Backflow Prevention Installation & Testing.

Certified Backflow Prevention Installation & Testing Toronto

backflow prevention installation and Testing SpecialistsAt Trouble Shooters, the health and safety of our community is always top of mind. Our serious dedication to health and safety standards is demonstrated in our certificate of accreditation from ContractorCheck and the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA).

As a top tier plumbing company, we value The Safe Drinking Water Act by ensuring all our yearly certifications up to date so we can provide Backflow Prevention Installer services to all our commercial clients.

Our plumbers hold the required Certificate of Achievement in Cross Connection Control endorsed by the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA). They have completed the Cross Connection Control Specialist (CCCS) course offered by the OWWA which makes them trained Backflow Prevention Installers.

We own and maintain our own backflow Preventer Testing equipment which is calibrated using the standard verification/calibration service level. This includes a 5-point verification, kit pressure test and is traceable through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Our plumbers service hundreds of Toronto backflow Preventers each year for a variety of customers. We take our certifications very seriously as well as the reporting process. The testing reports are to be submitted to the City and maintained as records by the property owners.

The Safe Drinking Water Act

Enacted in 2002, the Ontario government passed the Safe Drinking Water Act. Prompted by the report of the Walkerton Inquiry. The Walkerton Tragedy happened in 2000 when the water supply, drawn from groundwater, became contaminated with a highly dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria. This contamination was due to farm runoff into an adjacent water well, it caused seven deaths and thousands of sick inhabitants of Walkerton. The SWDA is a progressive legislation, that is constantly being updated and amended to ensure residents in the Province of Ontario are kept safe from contamination.

At Trouble Shooters, we are uniquely equipped to provide safe, secure and prompt Backflow Prevention Installation. We comply with The Safe Drinking Water Act to help keep our communities drinking water safe for all that use it.

We provide:

  • backflow Preventer Testing
  • backflow Preventer installation
  • backflow Preventer maintenance and repair

Trouble Shooters is equipped to be your complete clean-water solution provider.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on backflow preventer installation and testing or would like to request a quote, call us today 416-291-9444.

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