Toilet Maintenance

toilet maintenance 101

water saving tips in the bathroom

We know maintaining your house is important to you, and having a functioning toilet is crucial but that does require a small amount of toilet maintenance every now and again. Keep calm and flush on with these helpful tips.

Noisy Toilet Issues

Is the toilet always running or sounds like it’s always running? Is the handle loose and requires you to hold it down to flush or giggle it to get the toilet to stop flushing?  These problems are related to the parts in the back tank. These parts (like flush valves and chains) you can often buy at a local Home Depot and change yourself. Some high-end toilets have harder to find or more complex parts that require ordering from the manufacturer. If you feel unsure or are uncomfortable changing the parts, call a local plumber like Trouble Shooters to take a look.

Checking For Toilet Leaks Or Cracks

Regularly check the outside of the toilet bowl while your cleaning it, looking for fine cracks. They can be hard to spot but can cause a slow leak costing you money. If you want to check the inside of the bowl for leaks, put a few drops of coloured die into the back tanks and wait 10-15 minutes. Look into the bowl to see if any of the die has transferred. If not, congratulations you don’t have a leak! If you do notice die, it could be a few different issues and it’s time to call a plumber.

Clearing A Clogged Toilet

Using chemicals or drain augers to clear your blocked toilet can actually be more damaging to the fixture and your pipes than you may think. Once you notice the water not going down, use a plunger first. Create a tight seal to the drain with the plunger and pump vigorously a few times. This should clear the blockage. If you repeat this a few times and notice no difference, it’s time to call in the toilet maintenance professionals.

Remember that toilets use a large amount of water and can easily cause your water bill to creep up if you don’t maintain them. You can also consider switching to a low-flow enviro toilet to further cut water costs. Although we have noticed that these low-flow toilets eventually have a hard time flushing and come with their own set of issues.

For any of your toilet maintenance needs the team at Trouble Shooters is here to help. You can reach us at 416-291-9444.