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Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?


Toilet leaking at base

Walking into your bathroom to find the toilet leaking at the base is the last thing you want to see. The water can easily find its way into the floor below, causing large damage to the ceiling and drywall underneath. Do not ignore a leaking toilet! With each flush, you could be causing more and more water damage to anything under it.

What caused your toilet to leak at the base

First Step

To ensure the leak is happening each time you flush, start by cleaning up the existing water. Once everything is dry, flush the toilet and see if the water appears. This will determine if the leak wasn’t just condensation on the bowl. If you start to see water pooling at the base of the toilet, turn off the water to the toilet right away. The water could be contaminated in the bowl and coming out of the base. It is extremely hazardous to leave sewage water standing in your home, it can make you ill.

Causes and Simple Fixes

If your toilet continues to leak at the base it could be that the toilet is not tightly bolted to the floor. The average person can try to tighten these caps. They are located on either side of the toilet and may be covered with caps. However, proceed with caution. The bolts can easily break the china bowl if overtightened so only tighten a bit at a time. If you notice that they spin when you attempt to tighten them, you might need new ones.

The reason the toilet bolts could cause your toilet to leak: The toilet needs to form a watertight seal to the wax ring under it and the bolts help it achieve that by applying downward pressure.

If you are handier or up for the challenge you can also try replacing the wax ring yourself. This is a common cause of leaking toilets. However, you will need to remove the toilet to replace this piece. This fix might be hard for just one person as toilets are very heavy.

If you feel either of these fixes are just too much for you, call a plumber. 

Bigger Toilet Issues

If you find that your toilet is not flushing and the water leak is from it overflowing, stop flushing now! Call a plumber right away. A bad toilet clog could cause unsanitary water to spill out into your home. Unsanitary water can cause you to become sick. A plumber can unblock this quickly and more effective.

If your toilet will not stop flushing, it might be an issue with the mechanics in the back. If you know the model of your toilet and feel handy, you can get these parts at your local Home Depot and try changing them yourself. However, we get a lot of calls from homeowners who have attempted this themselves and only made the problem worse. To get it done right, hire a plumber.

At Trouble Shooters, we have been helping homeowners with toilets leaking at the base since 1944. Our plumbers are courteous and respectful of everyone’s home. Call us today to get your toilet to stop leaking!

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