Spring is here! Book your Vacuum catch basin pumping now!


Spring vacuum catch basin pumpingIt is the beginning of Spring! The most crucial time to get on top of your property maintenance and book your vacuum catch basin pumping. After the long winter, the snow melts and washes down a lot of dirt, garbage, and debris into your catch basins. This can quickly fill the basin or even cause the outlet pipe to clog. Vacuum catch basin pumping before all the rain ensures that when the rain gets heavy in the Spring the basin is ready to handle it and send it out to the city side. Without performing this maintenance you could end up with a flooded parking lot!

It is also important to note that the winter months can put a lot of pressure on the concrete basin and cause a collapse. Booking vacuum catch basin pumping confirms that someone is inspecting each basin for signs of collapse. Being proactive before the rainy months, when it is critical that the basins are in working order, is the smart choice.

How a Catch Basin Gets Clogged

overflowing catch basin

Intended to only hold dirt, over time a catch basin may fill with garbage and debris and clog the outlet pipe. As demonstrated in our graphic, having regular vacuum catch basin pumping is the only way to guarantee that this build up does not happen. Without regular maintenance, all of the basins will fill with debris causing hazardous flooding. Once flooding occurs the water needs to be pumped away before we can do the vacuum catch basin pumping.

Trouble Shooters owns and operates two vacuum catch basin pumping trucks. Our larger truck is able to accomplish pumping out 10-20 catch basins a day and can take on a larger about of debris. The smaller truck we have is perfectly sized to fit into underground garages to take care of all the catch basins in a parking garage.

We offer our customers the option of being put on a preventative maintenance plan so that we can remind them when their vacuum catch basin pumping is due. This takes away the stress of having to remember.

For more information regarding Trouble Shooters vacuum catch basin pumping services or to get a quote on your property maintenance call us today at 416-291-9444.