Spring Plumbing Tips


spring plumbing tipsThe miserable winter is finally ending and it’s time for some much-needed warm weather fun with family and friends! But before you rush out the door, maybe now is a good time to check in with your home and see how it faired this winter. Our Canadian winters can be harsh and the consistent change in temperature can really wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing. Spring is the best time of year to take inventory of your homes essential plumbing and see what needs attention.

Here are our 5 Spring plumbing tips to help you identify key issue areas.

Check Outdoor Taps

These taps are notorious for cracking or freezing during the winter months because of their exposure to the cold. When you go to use these taps for the first time, be sure to go back inside and check to see if there are any leaks.

Observe your fixtures

A dripping faucet or a consistently running toilet can really run up your monthly water bill and even cost you hundreds annually. It’s the ideal time to get this maintenance looked after before the problem gets bigger.

Inspect your system

Spring is the highest month for emergency calls and our first priority during one of these calls is to find out if you know where your shut off valves are and if they work. Finding out in an emergency that these valves are ceased is less than ideal. Be prepared by taking the time to test them or get a licensed plumber in to replace them. We often do a WHOLE home inspection at the same time as a service call to help identify all issue areas.

Clean your fixtures and drains

Carrying out simple preventative care on your drains will save you major headaches and clogs down the road. A mixture of hot water, backing soda and vinegar can go a long way in removing built up soap scum and hair in your drains. Always be careful if you decided to use chemicals; use rubber gloves and a mask as these chemicals are corrosive and harmful.

Review your flood protection

During Spring we get a heavy amount of rainfall which results in an astonishingly high amount of flooded basement emergency calls. If you don’t have a backwater valve or a sump pump, now is the time to think about installing these. A backwater valve can stop any flooding sewage from coming back up the line into your home. A sump pump takes excess ground water and pumps it AWAY from your home. Together or separately these devices can quite literally save your home but they need to be installed by an expert. Plus there are City of Toronto grants that pay for most of the cost.

Spring is all about getting refreshed and ready for summer so why not take the time to make sure your home and plumbing ready too! These five Spring plumbing tips are just a small example of some if the issues the team at Trouble Shooters can help you with.  To learn more spring plumbing tips, contact our expert team directly!