Sewage back up

Sewage Back Up And It’s Associated Health Risks


We all take for granted that when we flush the toilet or run the water in the sink that the water only goes down. But what if it doesn’t? What if the water starts to back up severely, do you know the associated health risks that come along with a sewage backup? Let’s take a minute to appreciate modern plumbing!

Before the days of modern plumbing, human waste flowed through the streets causing wide spread illnesses. Poor sanitation was common and large numbers of people died from illnesses caused by contaminated drinking water. Diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery are now a thing of the past. Our modern centralized sewer system and water treatment plants keep us relatively safe.

How a sewage backup can still happen to you

Our plumbing systems have come a long way in preventing sewage backups, however the risks are never fully gone. Here are a few ways you might experience a backup in your home:

Main drain/ floor drains backing up: During immense rainfall the sewage system can become overwhelmed and cause raw sewage backup. This can come up through floor drains that are connected to your main drain in the basement. The backwater valve device was invented to stop this hazard. This device gets installed on your main drain as it exits your home. For more information please contact us. *City of Toronto offers basement flooding rebates, learn more here.

Backed up tub or sink: Especially in the basement, when a tub or sink backs up it can bring with it sewage water. These types of backups are hard to predict and can happen any time. Your best line of defense is to make sure not to put anything down the drain that can lead to a clog. Food particles, hair, harsh soap and grease can all accumulate to cause  sewage back up from these drains.

Overflowing toilet: This one is obvious, any waste inside the bowl or in the drain can be hazardous if it overflows all over your floor. If clearing it yourself isn’t working, call a plumber.

Sewage backups are not that common anymore with the invention of modern plumbing. However, there are exceptions and by preparing yourself you can cut down on your level of contamination.

If you are experiencing an emergency sewage back up, call Trouble Shooters today for fast emergency service.