Scarborough Hydro Jetting Services

Trouble Shooters has operated hydro jetting services out of our local neighborhood office since the 90’s. We pride ourselves on being a family run business that supports our local Scarborough community homeowners and businesses.  We have achieved success based on great service, referrals, and investing in the right technology to better serve our customers.

Our Scarborough Hydro Jetting Services

The technology at Trouble Shooters started out small but grew fast. Our owner quickly invested in hydro jetting technology to better clear tough blockages. This technology was able to get our customers’ drains back up and running fast. Way better than traditional methods and resulted in minimizing future clogs. Our Scarborough hydro jetting services became well known in the business community and we received many referrals because of this.

Fast forward to today, we are still one of the go-to companies for Scarborough hydro jetting services. We still own and operate our own fleet of trucks which we keep on tight maintenance schedules. This ensures we are always able to service our customer’s needs. What makes us stand apart from our competition is our commitment to customer service. We offer a warranty on our hydro jetting services and we provide many busy businesses with maintenance schedules. This helps cut down on the stress of worrying about remembering to schedule service or having an emergency back up because they forgot.

We service a lot of businesses but our Scarborough hydro jetting services are also used on residential homes that are experiencing tough blockages. In our experience, using hydro jetting is the only way to fully clear some of these tougher clogs. Tree roots, grease buildup, and calcium deposits are among the few tough blockages that we recommend get cleared using our hydro jetting. By only using a snake in these circumstances, you may only be puncturing a hole in the blockage instead of actually fixing the issue.

Trouble Shooters is a trusted family run, community-based, plumbing company that is built on providing honest and reliable service to the residents of Scarborough. For more information about our Scarborough hydro jetting services or other plumbing services, you can reach us at 416-291-9444.

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Scarborough Hydro Jetting Services