Safety Training Our Team


At Trouble Shooters, we take job site safety very seriously. We go above and beyond to certify our team in areas that other small businesses do not have the money or time to train in. Having a properly trained technician on your job site reduces the liability for both you and the technician.  

We recertify our team in several key safety areas as well as perform other tasks that qualify us for prestigious certifications like ContractorCheck. This is not something we take lightly and it is very expensive for a small business such as ours to afford. We do it because we care about our team and about keeping the public/customers safe while we are working.

We hope that you take a minute to recognize that when one of our technicians shows up to your job they are bringing with them a higher level of safety training than most small plumbing companies. If you are strictly price hunting for the cheapest serviceman, they will not have many of the certifications that our team has.



Canada’s national standard for communicating information about hazardous workplace products and ensures our technicians receive consistent and comprehensive health and safety information about the hazardous products they may be exposed to at work. It is the law in Ontario that every year all technicians refresh their knowledge, however, we meet a record number of technicians that have not been recertified in years. We do this safety training with everyone on our team every year.

Safety certified plumbers

Yearly ContractorCheck Certification

Our serious dedication to health and safety standards is demonstrated in our certificate of accreditation from ContractorCheck. This yearly certificate demonstrates a commitment to comply with not only government regulations but protocols above and beyond that which are necessary. These advanced protocols are requested from various commercial clients through the ContractorCheck program. ContractorCheck is an independent third-party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors and commercial clients.

Manual Material Handling

We regularly train our team on the proper way to lift and carry heavy equipment like drain video cameras to prevent workplace injuries like sprains, back strain, slipped discs, arthritis etc.

Fire Extinguisher Use

Seems like a no-brainer on how to use a fire extinguisher right? But did you know that only some fires can be put out with one! We prepare our team for how to safely respond and extinguish multiple fire types.

Emergency First Aid

A select number of our team is trained in emergency first aid. They know how to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults, choking, airway and breathing emergencies, and the prevention of disease transmission. Knowing what to do and how to respond to an emergency situation can be crucial.

Working at Heights

As of Oct 1, 2017, all workers who use fall protection on a construction project must complete an approved Working at Heights Training program. All technicians on our team, that would work at heights, have now been trained. Mitigating the risks and liabilities of working at any heights. We also have our own fall protection gear that is inspected regularly.

Scissor Lift

This safety training allows our team to operate specialize machinery to gain access to hard to reach areas. Scissor lift and working at heights training go hand-in-hand because without one you cannot do the other. A scissor lift is a motorized vehicle with a platform and safety rails that can move around a workspace area and raises vertically to gain entrance to work areas that are out of normal reach.

On-Going Safety Tasks

We perform several important safety checks throughout the year to ensure our team is meeting our high safety training standards: truck checks to make sure all vehicles are safe to drive and job site checks to make sure the safety training our team has received is being put to use on all jobs.

When you hire a plumber, do you ask to know what safety courses they have taken or if they have proper WSIB insurance? This should be your first question, not “what is the price”. If you want a team of experts that are also trained how to work safely, rely on the team at Trouble Shooters.