Avoid Restaurant Back-ups Caused By A Grease Blockage!

grease blockage in Commercial Plumbing

Don’t let a grease blockage slow down your production! At Trouble Shooters, our restaurant customers know they can count on us to keep their restaurant drains running problem free by being on our hydro jetting maintenance calendar. We have over 25 years of experience clearing blockages and keeping drains running using hydro jetting. From bad grease blockages to simple maintenance programs, Trouble Shooters can do it all. We own and operate our own hydro jetting trucks ensuring top-tier service whenever our customers call.

We have been in the business a long time, 70 years to be exact, and have witnessed a lot of drain problems in restaurants. The most grease blockage in Commercial Plumbing

common and aggravating issue is grease. Restaurants with high production are believed to produce an average of 150 to 250 pounds of grease per week – that’s up to 1000 pounds per month or 13,000 pounds per year!

In our experience, it is absolutely essential for every restaurant to have a properly working grease trap. Furthermore, that grease trap should be on a cleaning maintenance schedule with a company that can properly dispose of the grease. If either of these two maintenance items is missed, there is a high probability the drains will eventually clog and a grease blockage will happen.

Once there is grease in the drains, it builds up to a point where it solidifies and will not let water pass. This blockage is extremely hard to clear properly with a snake or other drain cleaning equipment. A snake will essentially just puncture a hole in the hardened grease and temporarily allow water to flow through. The best solution is hydro jetting.

Clearing a Grease Blockage with Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses pressurized water – 3000 PSI and up to 30 gallons of water per minute – and specially designed nozzles to efficiently and effectively push the grease out and simultaneously clean the sides of any drain from 1.5” to 18” in diameter. In a restaurant with high production, it requires a minimum of 15 gallons of water per minute to effectively clean the drain. Anything less will not get the job done right.

The Trouble Shooters Hydro Jetting Advantage

  • Our team has 25 years’ experience hydro jetting blockages and restaurant drains
  • We camera inspect the drain after to confirm it’s clean. If your plumber does not do this, how do you know they did their job effectively? We always check our work
  • We offer a warranty based on the service performed
  • We own our trucks – this is not a service where we sub it out or hire a third party. We stand behind our service
  • Because we own our trucks, you can have complete confidence the machinery is well maintained and functioning at top performance when it comes to clean your drains
  • We provide maintenance schedules. These help to cut down on emergencies by being preventative

Trouble Shooters is committed to providing our restaurant customers with fast, dependable hydro jetting service to keep their kitchen flowing smoothly and cut down on emergency calls. To learn more about how our hydro jetting services can serve your restaurant call us today 416-291-9444.