Residential Toronto Drain Flushing

With over 25 years’ experience using residential Toronto drain flushing technology, Trouble Shooters is the go-to plumbing company in the GTA for unblocking clogged drains. We believe in providing quality service backed by a knowledgeable team and top-quality equipment.

If you are experiencing a reoccurring blockage in your drains and want it fixed fast, it’s time to try residential Toronto drain flushing. Using highly pressurized water, this technology will force the blockage out and return normal flow to your drains.

How Does Residential Toronto Drain Flushing Work?

Using a minimum of 3000 PSI and up to 30 gallons of water per minute, our hoses deliver a powerful blast of water through the drain line. This force breaks up the blockage and pushes it out. We can use different nozzles to deliver various targeted sprays of water.

Residential Toronto drain flushing can work on a variety of stubborn drain clogs such as calcium, grease, and even tree roots! Most of our customers are surprised that grease or calcium can build up to cause a big enough blockage but our team discovers this type of blockage frequently.

Why Not Use a Snake Machine?

Snaking a blockage is always the first step unless you know the issue is a reoccurring one. Snaking is effective when the blockage is something that can be movable by the cable. It is much less effective when the blockage is a hard mass, as it just punctures a hole and will not fully clear it.

Some customers choose to have snaking done again and again for the same blockage. This is a waste of time and money when residential Toronto drain flushing can clear it fast the first time.

At Trouble Shooters, we have been helping Toronto residents keep their drains moving for over 70 years. Our team comes with a high level of experience and drain knowledge. We own our residential Toronto drain flushing trucks and take great pride in the fact that we have invested in top tier technology.

Don’t be fooled! There are many imitation companies with equipment that is just not as powerful as ours. We know this because we are often called in after other plumbing companies have let customers down by not solving the issue the first time.

We respect our customers’ time, home, and monetary commitment by standing behind our residential Toronto drain flushing work. This is why we offer a warranty and an after-service camera inspection. It is crucial to camera inspect after the service is complete to ensure the drain is back to full flow.

To learn more, book service, or simply get a quote on residential Toronto drain flushing, give us a call today!

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean
Calcium build up Scarborough Robotic mainline camera

Calcified blockage in drain line before flushing.

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