3 Reasons Why You Need to Camera Your Drain Pipe

Drain camera and locating old drainsA clogged drain is one of those things no property owner wants to deal with but will eventually have to at some point. In most instances, the remedy for a clogged sink can be found at your average home improvement store. However, there will be times when you need a professional plumber to come to your rescue.

For tough clogs and reoccurring issues, a camera drain pipe inspection may be your best bet.

Running a camera into the properties drainage system gives the plumber a view of the entire drain line including any defects or blockages. This technology speeds up the diagnostic process and can save time and money.

Do you need to take a look inside your drainage system? Keep reading for three reasons to call a plumber for a camera inspection.

What are Camera Drain Pipe Inspections? 

A drain pipe inspection involves using a device similar to a drain snake to view the pipes and sewage lines running through your home. 

A small camera lens relays video footage back to the plumber. It is commonly used to detect a blockage but can be used for non-plumbing issues such as inspections when buying a home

  1. Detect Tree Root Damage

If a property owner is experiencing plumbing problems that extend beyond the dwelling’s sink drain pipe, the issue could be tree roots that have compromised the sewer line. Trees need oxygen, nutrients, and water, so the roots grow in the direction of these which is often a cracked pipe or join in the pipe. 

Once the location of the sewer lines is determined, the plumber will look to see if there are any trees within a few feet. The camera will run through the sewer line to see where the roots made their entry and provide a clear picture as to how to fix the issue. Often this requires pipe replacement but sometimes you can extend the life of your pipes with high pressure jetting. 

  1. Find Source of Backed Up Drainage Pipes

If Liquid Plumber isn’t helping your blockage, its time to call in a plumber. Blockages are not always localized in the sink drain pipe and can be located further down your sewage system. 

It is possible to have water backing up in a bathroom sink that is directly related to a blockage in the kitchen. This is why plumbers do not recommend over-the-counter products to treat recurring plumbing issues.

  1. Determine Plumbing Structure

There are times when a property owner needs the layout of the plumbing design. This could mean plans for reworking the plumbing or a major renovation. Using a drain camera, a plumber can map out important drainage lines and prevent you from perhaps cutting into an existing line. 

The plumber will be able to see where the lines turn and where there are junctures and pipes connect. It is also the best way to determine if there have been previous repairs that led to PVC drain pipes replacing traditional cast-iron pipes. 

Are You in Need of a Plumbing Inspection?

Calling in a plumber to do a camera drain pipe inspection is a wise choice no matter how big or small your plumbing issue. It is also something you can do as part of your property’s preventive maintenance.

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