Prevent parking lot flooding with catch basin pumping

Parking lot flooding

Keeping your property safe and free from hazards is your top priority as a commercial property owner or manager. Flooded parking lots or docks can restrict work activities and pose hazardous work conditions. To keep flooding from happening, you need to keep your catch basins functioning as they are intended. Here are several reasons why catch basin pumping will cut down or eliminate the chances of parking lot flooding.

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Vacuum pumping
Catch basin back up

Basics – What is a catch basin?

Square catch basins catch and drain storm water off your property and through to the City storm system.

Why do catch basins need to be pumped?

To prevent parking lot flooding! These basins can become clogged with debris over time. They will require to be pumped out or they risk not draining at all and causing flooding. Besides water, these basins also catch all the debris from around the parking lot including garbage, rocks, construction debris, dirt and sticks. All of that debris can accumulate over time to block or clog the outlet pipe, and cause the basin to fill with water until it floods the surrounding area.

My parking lot is flooded, can you pump my catch basin now?

Unfortunately no. We have to wait until the water slowly drains away or pump the water to another functioning basin. The vacuum pumping truck is not intended to take on large amounts of water. They are used primarily to suck up the debris inside the basin causing the issues. These trucks also have high pressure water hoses that clean the outlet pipe.

Extensive flooding is a sign that the outlet pipe is blocked or there is another major issue. It is best to inspect or pump out the catch basins before Spring and Fall, when major rain makes parking lot flooding a potential risk.

Worried about parking lot flooding or looking to get a quote on catch basin pumping?

The professional plumbers at Trouble Shooters have the expertise to help you out. We own and operate two catch basin pumping vaccum trucks. Our large truck can handle many outdoor catch basins and our smaller truck is perfect for fitting into underground garages. Call us today to get a competitive quote on your catch basin pumping.

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