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Every year during the long Toronto winter, our team receives multiple calls for frozen outdoor taps that have cracked or burst inside the home.  We see houses where there is little to no damage because it was caught in time, but we also see flooded rooms and stressed out customers. Our team can help you in any plumbing situation and we advise that if you notice a frozen outdoor tap, to call right away before it can cause a large amount of damage.

We would like to take the time to remind home owners that doing some simple home winterizing can save you countless headaches and frustrations down the road, especially with plumbing.

Winterizing your home to prevent a frozen outdoor tap


This is the very first step to take BEFORE it starts to get cold (below 0 degree). Remove your hose or other connections from the tap. These trap water inside and can lead to a frozen outdoor tap. Best to do this during your fall yard clean up.

Check for leaks

Once you disconnect everything from the tap, inspect it for leaks. Does the water still drip after you have closed the tap? If the answer is yes, you need to have this fixed before the temperature drops. If the water continues to escape during the cold winter, it will slowly block up and freeze. This can cause serious interior pipe breaks.

Drain down

For regular taps that are not considered “freeze-proof” you will need to get as much water out of the line as possible by draining it. This is done by A) closing the shut off valve – this is located inside on the same water line and B) opening the bleeder cap on the valve to release any water. Have a bucket ready to catch a bit of water.

Consider upgrading            

We always suggest that customers upgrade to a Frost-Free hose bib. These types of outdoor taps are excellent protection against outdoor frozen taps. When turned off, they do so far inside the home, protecting the mechanism from the cold.

Remember it is better to prepare than to have to deal with an emergency. However, if you do notice a frozen outdoor tap or a frozen inside pipe please call the team at Trouble Shooters right away! Our team has the knowledge and pipe thawing equipment to handle your plumbing situation.

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