Plumbing Safety and Hazards Training


At Trouble Shooters, we do a lot of yearly safety training but one of the most important training sessions is on WHMIS. This acronym stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and educates technicians on the safe use of hazardous materials that they may come in contact with on the job. You may think that plumbers in Toronto, do not come into contact with that many hazardous materials, but in fact there are many substances used in construction and in cleaning drains that can be quite toxic.

The material in the WHMIS training instructs technicians in recognizing key hazard symbols, product classifications, proper clean-up and what to do in the event of an emergency. As an added take away, all trucks are to have Material Safety Data sheets in them; these reiterate all the WHMIS hazards of any hazardous product in any of our plumbing trucks.

WHMIS training is mandatory yearly training!

It became law through a series of legislations effective October 31, 1988. The majority of the “information” requirements (and exemptions) of WHMIS legislation were incorporated into the Hazardous Products Act and the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act. These apply to all of Canada.

Product suppliers, employers and workers all play a specific role in the regulation and training of hazardous materials. Suppliers producing “controlled products” are required by law to label the product or container and provide updated Material Safety Data sheets to the public. Employers are required to educate employees and have MSDS sheets available. Workers are required to participate in training and use the information to make safe, smart decisions.

WHMIS_safety training plumbers

The WHMIS training was created in response to every employee’s right to know about the health and safety hazards that could be associated with the products they use at work. Exposure to hazardous materials can cause or contribute to many serious health effects and some hazardous materials pose serious fire or explosive risks. The WHMIS training was developed to help stop injuries, illnesses, deaths, medical costs, and fires caused by hazardous materials.

Is the plumber you hired working safely? Do they have WHMIS training? Most customers do not think to ask such questions when they hire a plumber in Toronto. We meet a record number of technicians that have not been recertified in years and this poses a risk to both and the plumber.

For instance, if you used a chemical drain cleaner like Drano before the plumber arrived, he then touches it and touches his eyes, would you or him know what to do? Or if he is gluing pipe together and gets the corrosive glue on his hands.  Having WHMIS training in these situations is essential to preventing serious health and safety injuries.

At Trouble Shooters, we take WHMIS training very seriously and recertify every technician on our team yearly. You can count on our team to be health and safety conscious on your job!


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