Plumbing Checklist Before Leaving On Vacation

It is an exciting time to be leaving Toronto and going away for the holidays, but have you checked everything off your vacation plumbing checklist?

Every year people return from peaceful vacations only to find out that in their absence a pipe has started leaking. Or worse, one of them has frozen! We receive countless calls over the winter season just like this. While you are packing your bags, take a moment to review the needs of your home and its plumbing. It could possibly save you from a disaster down the road.

Your Vacation Plumbing Checklist

1. Main water shut off valve

Know where your main water shut off valve is and ensure that it is useable. Turn it off to ensure you do not return home to disastrous flooding in the event of a broken, frozen pipe.

2. Appliances

Check that all of your plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water, such as your fridge, are all working properly. If you are having someone house sit while you are away and you have turned the main water off, make sure they are aware.

3. Leaks

Look or inspect for leaks before you leave! Check all your plumbing fixtures, like at the base of your toilet or the fridge line. It will only get worse if it is not tended to.

4. Water Heater

Turn the temperature down to save energy while the unit continues operating. You can also turn it all the way off if you prefer. Inspect the hot and cold water connections to see if there is evidence of corrosion which can indicate leaks.

5. Irrigation system

Make sure to drain and turn off your irrigation system before it gets too cold. Leaving water in these pipes will almost always lead to a frozen, broken pipe.

6. Outdoor hose connections

Another important plumbing fixture to shut off and drain. Any exterior hose bibs should be turned off before the cold weather sets in. Frozen interior pipes from outdoor connections are one of the highest emergencies calls we get over the winter.

7. Sump Pump

If your home has a sump pump in the basement, take the time to test it. There is sometimes a test or reset button on your alarm system if you have one.

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful enough, why add to it? By going through our vacation plumbing checklist you can rest easy knowing that you can enjoy your vacation and everything at home will be okay.