Safety certified plumbers - ContractorCheckSince 2013, the team at Trouble Shooters has been safety certified through the ContractorCheck program. This prestigious safety certification is a yearly accreditation program for contractors all across Ontario. It is open to many different trades, including plumbers, who uphold a higher level of safety standards than others in their industry.

At Trouble Shooters, we believe that proper health and safety procedures are the first steps towards keeping both our team and the public safe around jobs sites. Available workers’ compensation numbers show about 350 Canadians die each year from an on-the-job injury at work. A majority of these fatalities happen to workers in the trades. By taking the proper steps, and in our case going above and beyond to train and certify our team, Trouble Shooters is dedicated to keeping our team out of this statistic.

What exactly is the ContractorCheck Certification?

Each year our company undergoes a complete assessment of our Health & Safety policies and procedures, training, and insurance compliance. This is all carried out by an administrator from the third party ContractorCheck office. They ensure contractors are fully compliant with legislative requirements, as well as any specific requirements a hiring property might have. Often specific commercial customers will have their own health and safety requirements that are part of this program and require us to keep a more watchful eye on our safety over the course of the year. This is where the program excels and really pushes us and other contractors to a higher level of safety compliance.

Why does the ContractorCheck program matter?

Everyone deserves to return home at the end of the workday regardless of where they are working and the risks they encounter. By going above and beyond to train our team in health and safety matters, Trouble Shooters ensures the safety of our team and the public. This training can ensure our team knows the proper procedures to keep a job site safe for workers and passing pubic or how to properly handle chemicals. The safety training we do is vast and complex and is far too lengthy to list all of it here. You can trust in the knowledge that Trouble Shooters wouldn’t qualify for the prestigious ContractorCheck certification if we didn’t go above and beyond with our safety standards.

At Trouble Shooters, we take safety training very seriously. We work with our team throughout the year to complete numerous exercises and ensure we are always working safely. By hiring a plumber that is as qualified as our team, you are hiring a professional that has been expertly trained to work safely for and around your job site. To learn more about our qualifications and professionalism call us today 416-291-9444.