Outdoor catch basin cleaning

outdoor catch basin cleaning 

It is officially Fall here in Toronto and that means rain, falling leaves and time to do your outdoor catch basin cleaning!

As a local Scarborough business, we know your time is valuable and that our days of warmer temperatures are numbered. That is why now is the time to get your outdoor catch basin cleaning done before it becomes too cold to do so. We often get calls in the winter from property managers with frozen, flooded, parking lots, all due to missed catch basin maintenance during the warmer temps. So, what are you waiting for?! To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top three reasons to do your outdoor catch basin cleaning right now!

outdoor catch basin cleaning
Vacuum pumping
Catch basin back up

3 Benefits of Outdoor catch basin cleaning

  1. Prevent Flooding BEFORE it happens – Toronto can see a lot of rain over the Fall months, is your property prepared? Catch basins collect storm water and deliver it to the City system. If your basin is full and cannot remove the water, you will have flooding.
  2. See Issues before they become a problem – The simple act of having a technician open the lid to do the outdoor catch basin cleaning means they can spot a collapsing basin or a clogged outlet pipe right away! Giving you time to rectify the problem before the cold temperatures make it near impossible. A collapsing basin might be able to wait until the Spring but a clogged outlet pipe cannot. This is the only way for the water to escape.
  3. Keep your property safe – Turning your parking lot into a giant skating rink with pooling water is a great way to increase your liability towards someone slipping, falling and hurting themselves. Leading to potential lawsuits. Don’t wait for a back up of freezing water in the winter, cleaning your basins now will ensure you are safe from hazardous winter flooding.

The Trouble Shooters Advantage

At Trouble Shooters, we work with property managers all over Toronto to ensure their outdoor catch basin cleaning happens before the winter. We own and operate two vacuum trucks capable of cleaning a large number of catch basins fast.

To get a quote or schedule your catch basin cleaning, call us today 416-291-9444.