new homeowner plumbing checklist

New Homeowner Plumbing Checklist


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Don’t inherit old plumbing problems with our New homeowner plumbing checklist!

Buying a home is scary enough, avoid being surprised with serious plumbing issues by knowing what to look for before you buy. Plumbing and drains are often overlooked by homebuyers since they are out of sight. However, we believe that including a plumbing inspection before you buy is essential.

To help you get ready to inspect your new home, we gathered the most important plumbing items to look out for. Read on for our new homeowner plumbing checklist!

→ What type of waste system do you have?  You would be surprised to learn that there are still homes in Toronto that operate with septic tanks. These need to be pumped out occasionally and generally require more maintenance.

→ Poor water pressure – Turn on some taps, see what the water pressure is like and inspect how big the incoming water line is. An increased size of incoming service can ensure that you would never experience low pressure. If you do find some fixtures with low pressure, ask if they have been looked at by a plumber.

→Hard water – Inquire if the house has especially hard water. You can also check for mineral build up on shower walls or on shower heads.

→ Water shut off – Preventing a flood is as easy as knowing where the main shut off is and if it works. This is a critical piece of information to know about your home.

Kitec Piping – Mainly used in condos, Kitec piping has been proven to fail and should be replaced. Check to see if your water piping is copper or plastic. If it is Kitec, it should be disclosed to you before you buy.

→ Basement flooding damage – Check if there are water stains lower on the walls or on the floor boards that could indicate basement flooding damage. Knowing that the home has experienced a flood will help you make a more informed decision. If the home has experienced a flood, ask to see what the current owner did to mitigate the issue for the future.

→ Leaks – Check the ceilings for staining, cracks or bubbling/ peeling paint, these could indicate there was a previous water leak. Faucets, shower heads and toilets should also be inspected for leaks. Although these can be replaced to suit your needs, it is a benefit to know before hand if you do have to make replacements.

→ Landscaping – Check to see if your property sits lower than all the others surrounding it. This could cause terrible water drainage and flooding issues if not addressed properly. Also note if the front yard has a large tree. Larger trees could cause root intrusion into your main drain.

We hope you use our new homeowner plumbing checklist the next time you are inspecting a potential new home. If you have any questions regarding something you notice during your inspection, feel free to call Trouble Shooters for second opinion 416-291-9444.