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5 Reasons To Invest In A Water Softening System


water softener-hard waterMany homeowners choose to install a water softening system these days since an increasingly large amount of homes have hard water.

While the difference between hard and soft water can be difficult to detect at first, some homeowners find that over time it bothers their sensitive skin, makes their hair dull, leaves deposits on glasses and is troublesome for their plumbing.

Let us take a closer look at the advantages you can obtain with a water softening system:

1.      Better For Your Plumbing System

While you may not feel affected by the hard water in your bathtub or shower, it can be devastating for your plumbing system.

There are some signs you can look for of hard water clogging up your plumbing. Not only does it cause the flow of water to decrease, it can also cause more permanent damage to your pipes.

Hard water can also leave some nasty stains in your shower, especially if you have a glass shower door.

2.      Your Skin And Hair Will Become Softer

Hard water can leave calcium and magnesium deposits on your hair and skin. Over time, this will make your hair dry and brittle. It even influences your hair color, making it look a lot duller.

Skin is also one of the things that will be affected by these deposits. Much like your hair, the minerals inside the hard water eliminate the natural oils inside the skin and cause your skin to dry out.

When you install a water softening system, the softer water will have a positive influence on the skin. It will preserve the natural oils and keep it smoother. It also influences the hair, leaving it softer and maintaining its beautiful color.

3.      Reduced Maintenance Time

As we mentioned briefly in the introduction of this article, hard water can cause some nasty stains on your shower door.

It can also influence the chrome on your bathtub and shower, and these stains are not necessarily easy to clean. Therefore, installing a water softening system can certainly reduce the amount of time needed to clean these areas.

4.      Cleaner Clothes

Washing your clothes in hard water is not necessarily a problem, but it does influence the quality of your clothes and the overall cleanliness. The trace minerals inside the water can remain in your clothes, causing the color to fade.

With a water softening system, you do not only prevent damage to your clothes you prevent damage to your washing machine. So, if you wish to add a couple of years to your washing machine’s lifespan, a water softening system can certainly help.

5.      Cleaner Dishes

Are you constantly experiencing problems with your dishwasher? Do your glasses stain in the dishwasher no matter how many products you are using them to keep them clean?

Your dishwasher might not be the problem, the mineral deposits in your water might be.

The minerals inside the hard water can leave deposits on your dishes, especially dishes made from clear glass; this includes your drinking glasses.

Over time, the minerals inside the hard water can also influence the plumbing of your dishwasher, reducing its lifespan.

How Do I Choose A Water Softening System?

There are numerous water softening systems on the market that make it easy to find a system that matches your personal needs and requirements. Of course, there are some things to take into consideration when you choose a water softening system.

One of the things you must consider before you choose a water softening system is the age of your plumbing. Older plumbing systems are more likely to have severe damage due to hard water, so if you have an older home and hard water, it is best to get a professional who can evaluate any existing problems that may need fixing.

While newer homes are less likely to encounter problems because of the hard water, they should never be ruled out completely. If your system has a concentrated amount of scale buildup, you can still encounter problems with hard water in a relatively new home.

In conclusion, before you obtain a water softening system, always get in a professional to evaluate some of the existing problems you are facing. Based on your existing plumbing system, a plumber can recommend the best option for you.