Hydro Flushing As Preventative Maintenance

Keep your drains running smoothly with hydro flushing!

At Trouble Shooters, we work with a variety of commercial properties around Toronto to ensure their drains stay issue free throughout the year. We call it our Preventative Maintenance Program.

This program varies by type of business but hydro flushing on a regular basis has been shown to save our customers money and frustration down the road. 25 years of experience hydro flushing commercial properties has proven this and those customers who stay on our maintenance plan have benefited most. They see fewer back-ups and emergencies, and we are able to identify and fix issues like cracks before they become a disaster.

hydro jetting nozzle

How Regular Maintenance Can Help Your Property

No matter what type of commercial property you own, hydro flushing the main drain at least once a year is highly advisable. The frequency of the maintenance does depend on the businesses on the property or if any construction has gone on.

From fancy King St. restaurants to diners in Scarborough, our team has used hydro flushing to keep properties with restaurants running trouble free. In our experience, restaurants need to be done between every 4-6 months depending on how much grease is generated. Keep in mind, restaurants with high production are believed to produce an average of 150 to 250 pounds of grease per week. It is absolutely mandatory for a restaurant with high production to be on a hydro flushing schedule as well as a grease trap cleaning schedule. Without these in place, we can almost guarantee they will back up.

Trouble Shooters also has Preventative Maintenance plans in place with several of the major malls around Toronto. These are very large, complex properties and, without regular maintenance, an emergency backup could be very costly. Our team flushes large scale properties like these at least twice a year. After flushing, we camera inspect the lines to ensure they are clean and problem free. This is when we can identify larger issues or suggest a robotic mainline camera. This camera can go into larger sewer lines to visually report back issues.

hydro flushing

Other Properties That Can Benefit From Hydro Flushing

Apartments, Plazas, grocery stores, hair salons and catering prep kitchens are just a few examples of Trouble Shooters customers that have benefited from being on our Preventative Maintenance Program. However, any property, even residential homes, can benefit from regular flushing.

Our Advantage

  • 25 years’ experience hydro flushing commercial properties
  • We camera inspect after flushing to ensure the drain is clean
  • Based on the property and frequency of maintenance we offer a warranty
  • We own our trucks and equipment – we do not sub it out or hire a third party. We stand behind our service

If you are interested in finding out more about how a hydro flushing Preventative Maintenance Program could work for you give us a call! We can talk through your property’s specific needs or issues and work out a way to get you started.