prevent frozen pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes


How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Want to prevent frozen pipes in your home while you are on vacation in the sun this winter? The plumbing team at Trouble Shooters have put together some tips and tricks to ensure you don’t come back to a disaster. By taking the time to prepare your home before going on vacation, you can save yourself from a potentially devastating and expensive discovery when you get back.

To get you prepared, our plumbers have put together a winter checklist to prevent frozen pipes.

  1. Do you have an outdoor tap?

If you use a garden hose or have an outside tap or sink, these need to be drained of water and winterized. They should also be shut off from inside the home to thoroughly prevent frozen pipes. To do this: Locate where they come into the home and find the water shut off handle, turn it to the off position. This is a very common place that we get calls for frozen pipes, it is often over looked by busy homeowners.

If your landscaping includes in ground sprinklers, these too need to be drained and turned off properly before the drop in temperature. Often home owners hire irrigation specialists to perform this task for them as it is not as straight forward as one might think.

  1. Into the dungeon!

If your basement or garage resembles an unheated castle this could spell disaster. These spaces might have live water feeds running through the walls that do require a little bit of heat to prevent frozen pipes. Cold snaps with -40 temperatures can easily freeze a water feed in a garage.

To prevent these from freezing, ensure that all water pipes are well insulated. This insulation is available at local hardware stores. It is also recommended to keep these spaces at least somewhat heated. If you are planning a vacation, set the thermostat on low but never fully turn it off. The plumbing and pipes in your home must remain somewhat warm or they will freeze.

  1. Go with the flow.

Water will freeze if it is left standing in zero or below temperatures. Our plumbers recommend leaving a tap slightly running, to keep the water moving, if you are leaving for extended vacation to prevent frozen pipes.

Found frozen pipes in your home!?

Call on the helpful plumbers at Trouble Shooters to get it fixed fast. We have safe pipe heating technology and can fix the leak before it creates disaster.