Help! I think my shower is leaking!

shower is leakingIf you are noticing water dripping from the ceiling below, after someone showers, you probably have a shower leak. The leak could be older and you notice brown staining on the ceiling under where the shower is. This type of leak is very common but can cause major damage if not fixed promptly. Not only could the leak get bigger but it can travel along the ceiling and cause widespread home damage.

Possible causes when your shower is leaking

Water piping – Cracked, broken or poorly soldered pipes can cause water leaks. If this is the suspected cause, a hole will need to be cut in the wall to examine the piping supplying the shower.

Damage – broken tiles, cracked tubs and worn-out grout can all let water seep through to the flooring below. If you see any of these, they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Faucet and drain – Older shower valves and drains could cause leaking if the seals and gaskets become worn out. Replacing these after a few years and before they cause issues is a great idea.

Cracked liner – Under the floor of decorative shower tiles is a membrane liner that seals in water. Poorly installed liners can leaks, causing major damage. This is the most expensive leak to repair as the whole floor will need to be removed and reinstalled.

What to do if you suspect your shower is leaking

Call a professional! A leaking shower can cause major damage to your home and if not caught quickly, become harder to fix.

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