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Drain backups can be serious. knowing the difference between needing emergency drain flushing and just a simple snake can save you time, frustration and capital over the long term. Here we explore several scenarios and the best course of action to deal with the emergency.

“I run a restaurant and all the bathrooms are backing up. PLUS my plumber has been working on it for an hour but it’s not working!”

In this case, yes, you need emergency drain flushing! If more than one toilet/ sink/ bathroom is backing up, you have a serious issue. Compounded by the fact that the existing plumber can’t solve the issue with a snake machine. This problem is big. You need a team that is experienced with these types of emergencies or you risk making it worse. Which could lead to lost revenue and/or property damage.

At Trouble Shooters, we service some of the biggest mall complex’s in the Toronto area and are even frequently called upon by other plumbing companies to bail them out of tough emergencies. Our team has the expertise and equipment to solve problems others cannot.

“I own a plaza with several stores. One washroom in a single unit keeps getting backed up. The floor drains and toilets overflow but the issue seems to resolve itself. Should I get emergency drain flushing?”

No, if the issue is resolving itself then it is not an emergency. We would recommend having a plumber come in during the time the issue is happening. This way they can investigate and advise the best course of action. This issue should also be investigated with a camera as there could be something serious happening in the drain.

“I have been told that I have major grease build up (or calcium build up) in my drain. The water is flowing but very slowly. We can only use one washroom at a time.”

Although the water is technically flowing, the buildup could stop flow at any moment. This could result in back ups elsewhere causing catastrophic property damage. This issue needs emergency drain flushing! A grease or calcium blockage is a serious issue and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. These types of blockages cannot typically be cleared using a snake and almost always require drain flushing.

At Trouble Shooters, we have over 25 years’ experience clearing grease and calcium blockages with top-tier flushing technology. Our heavy-duty equipment can deliver 3000 PSI of pressure and up to 30 gallons per minute of water, cleaning any drain line from 1 ½” to 18” in diameter.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. KEEP CALM knowing Trouble Shooters is available anytime you need emergency drain flushing. Night or weekend our team is available. Call today!

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean
Calcium build up Scarborough Robotic mainline camera

Calcified blockage in drain line before flushing.

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