Solve your drain issue get a drain video inspection

Getting a drain video inspection with a drain camera is the fastest way to assess any drain issues you may be having. If you are experiencing regular backups like clogged sinks or toilets or are buying a new home, these are critical times you should consider getting a drain video inspection.

See the problem right away, get an accurate idea of where the problem is and where it needs to be fixed from.

drain video inspections

drain video inspections

drain video inspections

How Drain Video Inspections Work:

A plumber will listen and carefully evaluate your issue.

Then locate the nearest clean out or drain line that is as close to the issue as he can envision.

He will bring in his drain video inspection camera reel and proceed to plug it in and set up the video feed.

Then feed the camera (with lights!) down the drain looking for any issues he can spot. The image will feedback from the camera at the front of the line to his monitor on the reel and can even be recorded to play back later.

This is extremely helpful if you need to file an insurance claim or need to relay the information to another party.

drain video inspection

Find Your Issue Fast

Continuously snaking a drain to clear a problem is just a band aid fix. When you get a drain video inspection and you can see the issue live on the camera feed. You won’t want to wait to fix it. Often, we can ignore issues we don’t understand or can see and that is the beauty of drain video inspections. A plumber can take his time, evaluate and actually SEE the issue. He can then properly show you where the fix needs to be. This takes out all the guess work and provides a well-educated evaluation of any problems.

drain video inspection

Peace of Mind Solutions

At Trouble Shooters, we believe in providing our customers with reassurance after a large job as been done. We will perform a drain video inspection before AND after to show you exactly where the fix was repaired. We also do a drain video inspection after we use hydro jetting. This is to once again reconfirm we cleared the blockage.

We understand that your time is valuable. Finding a solution is top priority when it comes to hiring a professional. The most rewarding benefit to doing a drain video inspection is that it takes very little time to investigate an issue. Often resulting in a faster solution that saves you money.

Trouble Shooters invests in the newest drain video inspection equipment on the market and we update our equipment every few years to ensure top performance.

To learn more or to schedule a drain video inspection call us at 416-291-9444.