Drain Sewer Video Inspection

Why get a drain sewer video inspection if the drain is now unblocked? Our Toronto plumbers get asked this all the time after we snake or clear a drain line. We find customers are more concerned about paying more for the added service but have very little knowledge about how helpful these inspections can be!

Drain back-ups can be caused by minor blockages or they can be the result of a larger and more complex issue. When our plumber is working to clear a drain, what he pulls back on his snake machine tells us a lot about the issue. This can range from grease to tree roots. If we feel the issue is more complex, we urge our customers to get a drain sewer video inspection. These videos provide real insight and can prove to be invaluable.

At Trouble Shooters we have decades of plumbing experience and have seen it all when it comes to drain blockages. Here are our top 4 benefits of getting a drain sewer video inspection.

Eliminates guesswork

                Drain cameras provide more than just a pretty picture, they also transmit a signal that allows us to record the depth and location of the issue, once we spot it. By getting a quick and simple drain sewer video inspection a plumber is able to get a clear picture of the issue and is able to suggest a solution right away. Without a video, the plumber might only be able to guess at what the issue is.

No unnecessary digging

                While the drain camera is inside the drain, the plumber can use the transmitting function to locate where it stops or where they see the issue. Using a locator, they can mark the exact area that needs a solution. If they recommend a small excavation, using the locator during a drain sewer video inspection will ensure that digging is contained to only the necessary areas. Without this valuable information you could end up with an excavation in the wrong spot!

Accurate information

                From locating the correct issue to actually being able to see your drain line, a drain camera is one of the most powerful tools a plumber has. They help to visually identify the actual issue, whether it be a broken pipe, tree roots or something else. The inspection can also be used to verify the type of drain you have, where it goes and the condition. This is invaluable information.

Speedy results

                A drain sewer video inspection can be a quick process when the plumber is able to go from a nearby clean out or connection. This may involve taking off a toilet to access the drain. On average, our plumbers are able to locate the issue within an hour and provide actionable solutions right away.

Typical issues found during a drain sewer video inspection

  • Cracked, shifted or broken pipes
  • Calcium build-up
  • Blockages caused by objects
  • Stones or construction debris
  • Tree root blockages
  • Grease build-up

At Trouble Shooters, all of our Toronto plumbers have been exceptionally trained to use a drain camera to identify and locate issues within your drain line. Call us today to schedule your inspection!