At Trouble Shooters we understand the needs of homeowners because we’re all owners ourselves. We know that the list of fixes and problems is daunting and there are only so many hours in a day. When considering your home priorities, we want to remind you to keep your plumbing top of mind. It is often overlooked because it is not easily visible and sometimes complex to understand. Don’t be intimidated by a lack of knowledge either, there are a variety of resources available to help such as our below tips and advice. And remember doing regular drain maintenance will SAVE you huge frustration and money down the long road of homeownership.

blocked drain clearing-drain maintenance


Keep a watchful eye out for any drains that are slow to drain or have gurgling or bubbling before draining. Take preventative drain maintenance measures like using an environmentally friendly liquid drain cleaner or making your own DYI drain cleaner like the recipe like below:

Pour baking soda and vinegar into the drain together. Allow the combination to foam for a few minutes and follow up with boiling water.

Whatever your first steps may be please avoid using chemical drain cleaners on your blocked drains. While chemical drain cleaners kill bacteria, they can also be corrosive leading to more expensive repairs. These chemicals are harmful if they come into contact with skin. Always advise your plumber if you have tried drain maintenance and used chemicals, this is for his protection.

Scrutinize what goes down your drain

We know it is convenient but do not put anything down your drain that should go in the garbage.

The biggest offenders of sink clogs are: hair and soap scum in the bathroom and food remnants and grease in the kitchen. The quickest solution is to use a drain catcher that will prevent these items from entering the drain altogether.

The biggest offenders of toilet clogs are: large amounts of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs and baby wipes. The quickest solution is to have a small garbage nearby to make disposal more convenient.

Being conscious of what does down significantly reduces the amount of drain maintenance you would have to do. If you end up in a situation with a severe drain clog, call an expert plumber like us. We have the tools to clear the blockage fast~ 


Most homes have a typical basement floor drain with a built-in trap. Under normal circumstances this trap is filled with water to keep sewer gases from entering your home. If the floor drain goes unused for a long period of time, there is a chance that the water in the trap could evaporate. This would leave nothing to prevent the sewer smell from entering your home. It also leaves an opening for all sorts of insects like cockroaches to enter.

Prevention or drain maintenance for this is very simple, add water to the drain every now and again.

Remember it is always better to be proactive then be reactive. Getting a plumbing inspection every 5 years, or when you buy an older home can help identify issues before they become major disasters.

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