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Your Guide To Drain Hydro Flushing

At Trouble Shooters, we see varying degrees of clogged drains. Some of which are easily cleared with a snake machine and some of which are stubborn and need more powerful equipment. When a blockage cannot be easily cleared with a snake, we suggest drain hydro flushing. This service and equipment have a variety of uses and applications. From residential homes to any type of commercial property, drain hydro flushing is an effective service.

What is drain hydro flushing?

When we first recommend this service, many people don’t realize what it can do for them or even what it is. Drain hydro flushing uses water, targeted at a high pressure, to essentially blast away the clog. The system uses a variety of hoses and nozzles to cut through the issue and can even clean the pipe back to a newer condition.

At Trouble Shooters, we own and operate large scale flushing equipment. Our equipment can deliver a minimum of 3,000 PSI and up to 15 gallons of water per minute! We stand behind our service with a warranty and before or after videos if you would like. We ALWAYS camera after we perform our work to ensure we have done our job right.

 Advantages of drain hydro flushing

Besides being fast acting, this type of flushing can cut through tough clogs that no other equipment can. Furthermore, in some cases it can essentially “scrub” the sides of the drain clean and restore the overall condition.

Here is a list of clogs or issues we can clear using drain hydro flushing:

  • grease blockages both residential and commercial
  • hard calcified deposits
  • tree roots
  • drain backups from food particles
  • Main drain blockages from debris

Why use trouble Shooters

We have been Toronto’s go to company for drain hydro flushing for over 25 years. We do not sub out this service, it is performed by our team of highly experienced technicians. Most of our employees have been with us over 10 years and can provide an unparallel level of insight into your problem. We own and operate all our equipment, which allows us to stand firmly behind our service.

Trouble Shooters works with property managers to provide preventative maintenance plans that can put properties on a regular flushing schedule. This prevents emergency backups, flooding and downtime.

To learn more about drain hydro flushing or to get our trucks working for you, call us today.

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean
Calcium build up Scarborough Robotic mainline camera

Calcified blockage in drain line before flushing.

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