Locating issues in commercial plumbing using a drain camera

Trouble Shooters has a long-standing history of successfully diagnosing complex commercial plumbing problems for various businesses throughout Toronto. From new mall construction to identifying where drain lines go, our team can handle any complex investigation.

Drain camera and locating Commercial
Drain camera and locating old drains
Drain camera and locating

Trouble Shooters has worked with various property managers and builders throughout Toronto to identify commercial drain line issues using drain camera and locating technology. In a commercial setting, the plumbing is more complex and requires a knowledgeable technician with the right equipment to properly find and diagnose issues. Trouble Shooters has invested in leading drain camera equipment that can properly inspect commercial drains.

Our newest robotic mainline crawler camera allows us to inspect larger sewer drain lines up to 18” in diameter. Regular drain cameras are unable to be pushed and do not have the light source to display pipes of that size. Investing in this technology allows our team to better serve our customers’ needs by fully investigating the whole drainage system.

Drain Camera and Locating of Commercial Drains

New commercial building projects – During new build projects there are several times in which drain camera and locating are essential. The first step is confirming that the drains are exactly where they say they are in the architectural plans. We have had customers run into issues where drains are either not mapped out correctly or are completely missing from the plans altogether. Getting a drain camera and locating inspection before you start construction is essential to confirm your plans are correct so you can create the space you want. Having to dig up a floor to install more drainage is not the ideal situation.

Furthermore, before starting to build on top of old drainage, getting a drain camera and locating inspection of all the existing drains is crucial to know if you have an issue before you start. Thoroughly reviewing the drains will alert you to concerns you can fix before it would take major construction work to resolve. Finding out that you have a sag after you are done laying the floor is the opposite of taking a proactive approach to your construction. Finding out and resolving the issue at the beginning will save you time and money.

Drain camera and locating inspections can be recorded and sent to you via link or USB to be reviewed later. Having a legacy copy of the conditions of your drains pre-construction can come in very handy if issues arise in the future.

Working with the right team to minimize downtime and expedite the investigation process is essential. At Trouble Shooters, our team has investigated and located drain lines for a vast amount of commercial spaces all over Toronto. Part of what sets us apart from the competition is our knowledge of complex systems and the technology we bring with us. To learn more about our drain camera and locating technology or to book an inspection call us today at 416-291-9444.