4 Common plumbing errors home owners make when an emergency arises


From a sewage back up to a spraying water leak, a plumbing emergency is a high stress situation. These situations can be made worse when homeowners make reactive and sometimes poor decisions. Avoiding errors and getting the problem fixed as fast as possible should be everyone’s goal. Here are 4 common plumbing errors to avoid if you are in an emergency situation:

1. Fixing it yourself – While fixing the problem may seem simple at first, more often than not, you can actually make the problem worse or harder to solve later on. Hiring a licensed plumber who fixes these issues everyday saves time and frustration without causing additional damage.

2. Hiring your handyman friend – Unless your friend is a licensed plumber, getting your buddy to help is the same as trying to fix it yourself. Resulting in more leaks, damage and eventually a higher repair bill. Hiring a professional licensed plumber has many benefits, including stress reduction!

3. Ignoring it – The noise/leak/ clog isn’t going anywhere and there is no magic on earth to make it fix itself. Over time any one of these issues can become disastrous and not acting while the issue is still manageable is one homeowners often regret. Hiring a plumber before the damage gets out of control is the best way to save money and anxiety.

4. Hiring the first plumbing company – The old saying “you get what you pay for” is still true for plumbing. Hiring the first or cheapest plumber you call is a common error. Take the time to assess the company you want to hire. Look for things like: License numbers, Insurance certificates, Covid policies, years in the business and customer reviews. Try not to judge them solely on their reviews either, there are a lot of companies that put up fake reviews or are too busy doing a great job to have very many reviews. Call them and ask questions. A company that cares will take the time to talk through your issue and care about fixing it.

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