Common Commercial Plumbing Problems Businesses Face


Common Commercial Plumbing Problems Businesses FaceOwning and managing a business is no doubt a tough undertaking. If you own one of the 480,000 commercial buildings in Canada, you’ve probably discovered that plumbing issues occur more frequently than you might expect.

But what are these common commercial plumbing problems and why do they happen? Read on to find out more about some of the most common plumbing problems that commercial plumbers can solve.

Clogged Drains

While you may think clogged drains are more of a residential issue, you’d be surprised to see how many commercial buildings suffer from this problem. If anything, commercial buildings are more susceptible to clogged drains.

This is because more waste is likely passing through the drains on most days compared to a residential building. A lot of commercial building occupants don’t put as much care into their drains, which ultimately can lead to severe blockages or neglect.

If let un-maintained your drain lines could severely block up which leads to expensive downtime. Furthermore, without maintenance you do not get an accurate picture of the condition inside the drain. If left a long time with a camera inspection, your drain could be deteriorating and you wouldn’t even know.

Water Temperature

One of the most common plumbing problems for commercial businesses is water temperature. It’s no secret that commercial water heaters have quite the work cut out for them, which makes them vulnerable to malfunction.

If you notice your water temperature becoming unreliable or inconsistent, it’s time to call a plumber right away. It could be that your water heater is breaking down or the mixing valve that controls the mixing of the hot and cold is on its way out.


Leaking pipes are an all too common issue with commercial buildings, but the problem is usually much more complicated. This is due to commercial buildings having incredibly complex plumbing systems.

You might find these leaks in toilets, faucets, sinks, or external pipes. Small leaks can often expand to bigger issues and can also cause moulding in areas that are persistently damp. Maintaining the building to certain health standards is necessary and thus small leaks should be taken care of right away.

Larger leaks can occur in drainage piping made from cast iron or even clay. Over time cast iron can crack and a once small leak can cause the crack to expand. Clay is also susceptible to cracks and even more prone to complete breakdown over time. It is made from natural materials which do break down over time.

Getting consistent camera inspections will help spot either problem right away.

Damaged Pipes

It is important to remember that most commercial buildings have pipes that run for hundreds of meters. These pipes become heavily damaged since they often have hefty workloads and need regular inspections.

Drainage under ground takes a beating from the regular freeze thaw of our Canadian climate and suspended lines need to be properly supported or issues will arise. A plumber can identify these issues and provide fixes as needed.

Sewage Smell

There are few things worse than a persistent sewage smell in your commercial building. This issue can be extremely off-putting for your workers and clients when untreated.

This usually happens when dry pipes clog easily, leading to a buildup of sewage in the pipes. A plumber can usually detect where that smell is coming from and clean it up on site.

Toilet Leaks

One of the sneakiest leaks that commercial buildings experience is the toilet leak. It can take quite a while before you notice that your toilet is leaking water into your bowl and causing your water bill to get higher and higher.

This is usually caused by the flapper on your toilet wherein the watertight seal cracks and starts leaking. Plumbers will take note of this and will fix it quickly if you can spot it early on.

Identifying the Most Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Knowing the most common commercial plumbing problems is important if you want to maintain a safe and clean workspace. Use this guide to help you understand what to look out for and when to call a plumber.

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