Commercial Plumbing & Drain Services


Toronto plumber - commercial plumbing and drainThe knowledgeable team at Trouble Shooters has a wide variety of experience working in Toronto’s commercial plumbing and drain sector. We understand that downtime affects profits and our fast, dependable service is there whenever our clients call. From complex mall drainage to intricate townhome plumbing, our team has the capability and technology to solve issues fast.

Our team and equipment are what sets up apart from the competition. We own and operate our own fleet of hydro jetting and vacuum pumping trucks. That means we use very little third party or subcontractor services. We take full responsibility for our services and the outcome, always ensuring you receive the highest level of service. If a commercial customer does have an issue with our work we are prepared to stand behind our service and fix the issue.

We take pride in our investment into technology that rounds out our services and provides a one-stop plumbing company for any commercial plumbing and drain needs.

Here are a few of the commercial plumbing and drain services we offer:

  • Sewer drain camera inspections. Our state-of-the-art camera can inspect and record video of sewers up to 18” in diameter.
  • Drain locating and mapping to provide an in-depth look at where your system goes.
  • High pressure jetting of drain lines to clear blockages and restore drainage flow.
  • Drain camera video inspections. Our drain cameras can inspect lines from 1.5” to 18” in diameter, providing you a full scope and video of your plumbing system.
  • Backflow prevention installation and testing. We are certified to install, test, and maintain commercial backflow preventers.
  • Vacuum pumping of catch basins and sump pits. Our largest truck can handle numerous outdoor catch basins and our smaller truck is designed to fit into undergrounds. Perfect for pumping out catch basins in parking garages.
  • Plumbing pipe repair or replacement. We have the capability and the knowledge to repair or replace various sized commercial drainage pipes.

As a superior commercial plumbing and drain partner in Toronto, Trouble Shooters offers its customers unmatched service and safety. We are certified through ContractorCheck, a third party safety accreditation program for contractors. This annual certificate demonstrates our dedication to go above and beyond in terms of health and safety. We recognize the liability of having trades on commercial sites and this certificate establishes us as a leading safety partner.

Contact trouble Shooters today to learn more about our commercial plumbing and drain services 416-291-9444.