Commercial Drain locating

Commercial Drain Locating

Commercial Drain locating
Drain camera and locating old drains

As a long-standing business partner in Toronto, Trouble Shooters has worked on variety of commercial plumbing and drain projects. From complex drainage issues to a simple clog, our team has the ability to evaluate and identify issues within your drainage system. 

Commercial Drain Locating Services

There are two main reasons to do commercial drain locating work:

To identify an issue – Locating can provide an exact location of any compromised drainage pipes. Our technicians use Sonde devices to determine the issues position within the drain and even an exact depth. We then mark the ground with paint. This work can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

To map out the existing system – We are often called in when a contractor or less experienced plumber already has a set of drawings that needs to be verified. Using the drawings and existing access points, we can identify if the drawings are still correct or provide exact updates that need to be made. This is especially important if new construction work is slated to take place or if new drawings must be sent to the City. Arranging commercial drain locating before construction is critical. This avoids unexpected surprises and downtime should old drawings not be correct.

Commercial drain locating and camera inspections can be recorded and sent to you via link or on a USB. By retaining a copy of the current conditions of the drains, you can verify or provide back-up should an issue arise in the future.

Trouble Shooters has invested in leading edge equipment, our newest robotic mainline crawler camera allows us to inspect larger sewer drain lines up to 18” in diameter. This would not be possible with a regular plumbing push camera. The investment into this technology solidifies us as a leader in the commercial and drain sector.

For over a decade the team at Trouble Shooters has been investigating and locating drainage issues for commercial clients all over the GTA. To get our knowledge and equipment working for you, call us today.