Preventative Maintenance: Commercial Drain Flushing

Trouble Shooters has over 25 years’ experience providing Toronto with commercial drain flushing. From townhouse complexes to high end restaurants, we work cooperatively with all our clients to keep their businesses running smoothly. One of the most important ways we do this is through our preventative commercial drain flushing maintenance program.

This program puts our clients on a rotating maintenance schedule that has their business getting drain flushing BEFORE there is an emergency issue. By being proactive our clients experience less stress, emergency situations and less overall maintenance costs. The program is tailored to the needs of each business and commercial drain flushing is booked on a monthly rotational basis. The time between each service depends on the nature of the business.

grease blockage in Commercial Plumbing

In our experience, high-end restaurants that do significant volume require more service or a shorter time between cleanings. Restaurants are also more likely to experience backups as a result of missed, not done, or poor commercial drain flushing. The increased use of the drains from the kitchen, food particles and grease are all culprits that can cause a backup. With regular drain cleaning service, these culprits never have a chance to build up into a backup that shuts the kitchen down. Our team has extensive knowledge in performing drain flushing in restaurants, having serviced several downtown high-end restaurants for many years.

commercial drain flushing torontoFor any client that never wants to experience downtime or backups, being on a preventative commercial drain flushing maintenance program is essential. Our team services several Toronto area malls that need all their washrooms and food courts to be performing round the clock. A missed or poorly done commercial drain flushing could see several washrooms closed down or a disastrous food court drain back up. A nightmare for any property owner. Clients that are on our commercial drain flushing maintenance program are sent friendly reminders to help alleviate the stress of remembering.

At Trouble Shooters, we believe in providing outstanding plumbing and drain service. We work with our clients to accommodate scheduling issues or above average safety requirements. We are ContractorCheck certified, proving our commitment to above average safety compliance.

To find out how your business can benefit from a commercial drain flushing maintenance program give us a call 416-291-9444.