When Catch Basins Need to be Cleaned


Pro Tip: Catch basin cleaning at commercial properties should take place every year to prevent backups, floods, and catch any issues before an emergency event.

At Trouble Shooters we work with a variety of commercial property managers around the Toronto area to ensure that yearly catch basin cleaning maintenance is taken care of. From large mall parking lots to small underground parking garages, our team has you covered. We operate two vacuum pumping trucks, each a different size to service all our customers’ needs.

The large Vaccon vacuum truck makes fast work of regular outdoor catch basin cleaning. Its tank and vacuum can clean up to 20 CB’s a day. This truck is typically sent to properties with outdoor manholes.

Our smaller truck is very specialized and it can fit in underground parking! Although it has a smaller tank, it is the perfect size to clean the area drains of underground parking garages.

When is the best time to do catch basin cleaning?

overflowing catch basin

The optimal time to perform this property maintenance is right before the change of seasons and before any major rain storm/period of rain. During this time, we can see heavy leaf fall and a buildup of debris around the basin. This debris can easily make its way into the basin and over time will create clogs. It is also very important to take care of this maintenance before any heavy rain or water flow. If there is too much built up debris or a clog in the outlet pipe, finding out once there is a flood on your property isn’t ideal. At that point, it is an emergency.

We suggest getting on a yearly catch basin cleaning maintenance plan to take out the stress and worry of having to remember to schedule this service. Our customers on these types of plans experience far less emergencies. By being proactive, we can spot issues or concerns before they become a major emergency and expense.

If you have any questions about how our equipment works or if it is right for your property, call us today! We can set up a site visit or give you a competitive quote to get your catch basin cleaning maintenance on track.