clearing tree root blockage

Clearing Tree Root blockage with hydro Flushing

Tree roots can grow up to three times the height of the tree but then extend up to seven times the height! This means that unfortunately, the big beautiful tree in your yard might just one day damage your drain pipe. Although each situation is unique, clearing tree root blockage with hydro jetting is an effective short-term solution.

How do tree roots get in your drain?

A majority of Toronto homes still have clay drains and the downfall of this material is that the clay over time weakens and starts to develop cracks. These hairline cracks can let moisture out which is exactly what tree roots are looking for. They grow in, absorbing the moisture and grow some more. Over time the net of roots can cause solids and toilet paper to accumulate and cause blockages.

The same issue is present when PVC pipe is not joined properly. Any opening, even very small, lets out moisture and invites in tree roots.

Video Inspection on tree roots - hydro jetting drain clean

clearing tree root blockage with hydro jetting

There are several methods to rid your drain line of tree roots: excavating the line and replacing it is the best, lining the drain provides an option to not dig up as much of your yard or you can use hydro jetting HYDRO JETTING. We do not advise customers use chemicals of any sort, these are hard on the filtration plant, bad for the environment and can potentially damage the drain pipe more.

Commercial Drain flushingClearing tree root blockage with hydro jetting is a cost-effective option that can extend the life of your drain while you decide how to fix the issue permanently. Some of our customers go on a preventative maintenance plan so that every year we hydro jet the drain and prevent back-ups. The roots will always grow back if there is an open water source, but hydro jetting can help decrease the frequency of back-ups if a permanent fix is not within the budget.

Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water equipment. This equipment uses a variety of nozzles attached to a hose to cut through the roots. This forceful spray of water against the drain walls is safe on the drain but destructive to the roots. After clearing tree root blockage with hydro jetting, our technician’s use a camera to inspect that the line is clear.  

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