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Clear Your Drain Blockage With Drain Flushing Now!

Have you ever heard of a 130-ton fatberg before? You could have a similar problem in your sewer system, on a much smaller scale.

Fats, oils, and grease can be causing your sewer system to run at less-than-optimal levels. Roots tend to be a persistent problem as well. However, it might surprise you to find out the worst culprit of all.

How did your clog form, and how does it restrict proper flow? What can you do about it? Between snaking, using harsh chemicals, drain flushing, and more, we’ll tell you the best way to take care of that nasty clog.

If you’re fighting a blocked drain, Toronto heroes, the “Trouble Shooters”, can help. Keep reading to find out how!

What’s Clogging Your Drains

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG for short) are huge culprits for mainline sewer systems and municipalities. For homeowners with trees, roots also end up being a common troublemaker. We also know that hair down the drain ends with an eventual snake pulling it all back out.

The worst and most unlikely culprits, however, are so-called “flushable” wipes. While they’re supposed to disintegrate after flushing, a study by Ryerson University shows that it’s just not true. Not one of the 101 products were suitable for flushing and would damage any sewer system they were flushed down.

The result? Municipalities are spending millions on “flushable” wipe grinders to try and stem the tide. They don’t always make it to the main sewer line, however, and often can clog up your own lines instead.

Flushable wipes become worse than ever when they encounter clogs already there from things like cooking grease and hair you flush down your toilet or sink.

What can you flush? Human waste and toilet paper are all there is to it, according to Barry Orr.

Drain Flushing to the Rescue

Drain flushing can be the answer to your side of the sewer, at least. More commonly called a hydro-jet, it’s reserved for extra tough clogs without damaging your pipes.

Snaking the pipes, sinks, tubs, and toilets can cause marring or even chipping of porcelain if you’re too rough or do it wrong. Putting powerful chemicals down a drain isn’t much better and can get very dangerous if you mix them accidentally.

A hydro-jet flush of your pipes can solve all your problems. And nothing beats the expertise a professional with commercial grade equipment.

Hydro-jets are quite a powerful tool, which can blast through sand, grease, hair, wipes, and even tree roots. A hydro-jet will blast from 1500psi all the way up to 3000psi if needed, at a rate of about 15 gallons per minute.

It’s a lot of water, and if you don’t get it right you could see those 15 gallons in your home. Trust a professional, we do it every day and won’t make your place a mess. Even more great news is that a hydro-jet cleaning done well will make your pipes even cleaner than other methods.

This means that not only will your drain be less likely to get clogged again any time soon, but you can go longer between plumbing calls.

Blocked Drains Toronto: Free Flowing

Having blocked drains in Toronto, or worse a mainline sewer clog, is never fun and often smelly. Don’t get sick, and don’t risk the health of your family.

Drain flushing can be a breeze if you let your local professional, Trouble Shooter Plumbing, do it for you. Since we’ve been operating for almost 80 years, you know we have what it takes.

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our honesty and professionalism. Our focus is on the needs of our fellow Torontonians. We’re here to help.

Call the “Trouble Shooters” today—don’t wait until you have a full house!

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Calcium build up Scarborough Robotic mainline camera

Calcified blockage in drain line before flushing.

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