Clearing a stubborn blockage using hydro jetting drain flushing

Are you experiencing a stubborn blockage that you can’t clear using a snake? It’s time to try hydro jetting drain flushing!

Hydro jetting drain flushing is the process of using highly pressurized water to blast away the blockage. The water is fed through a hose, concentrated down to several small holes in specialized nozzles, and forced outward against the drain walls. The force of the water is a minimum of 3000 PSI and up to 30 gallons of water per minute. For comparison, the average kitchen faucet releases 50 PSI at 2.5-3 gallons per minute. See the difference in pressure? With the amount of force hydro jetting drain flushing applies there isn’t a blockage it can’t clear, the exception being construction materials like concrete which require will excavation.

Snaking a blockage is usually the first step, but in many cases this just punctures a hole in the blockage and will not fully clear it, leaving the blockage to accumulate and cause future issues. Here are a few situations in which hydro jetting drain flushing was used to clear stubborn blockages:

Calcium Build-Up

Hard calcium deposits form over time due to water that contains sodium, magnesium and other chemicals. These deposits often accumulate to a point where it will not let water pass. It is also very dense and hard to fully remove with a snake. Hydro jetting drain flushing works in a 360-degree motion to essentially scrub the drain of these hard deposits, restoring the pipe to a newer state.


Most homeowners know not to pour grease down the drain. However, it is difficult to avoid while doing the dishes. Especially so if your family loves greasy food. Over time the grease will collect in the drain and harden creating a narrower and narrower pathway for water to get through. Once it eventually clogs, the best solution is hydro jetting drain flushing. A snake once again will only puncture a hole.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow up to three times further than their branches and will source water this far away as well. If you have a tree in your front yard, it is a concern that roots might find their way into your drain, especially if you have old clay pipes. Once inside, the drain the roots can amass and cause a blockage. Hydro jetting drain flushing using a specialty cutting nozzle will cut back the roots and return the flow to the drain.

At trouble Shooters, our team has over 25 years’ experience clearing blockages using hydro jetting drain flushing technology. We own our trucks-this is not a service where we sub it out or hire a third party. We stand behind our service with a warranty and an after-service camera inspection. It is crucial to camera inspect after the service to ensure the drain is back to full flow. “Jetting blind” without video inspection is a waste of time and money.

For more information on how hydro jetting drain flushing can clear your stubborn blockage, call us today 416-291-9444.

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