All I Want For Christmas Is A Crapper!

Give yourself the gift of the flush this season with a new toilet! The options and styles are endless when you go to pick out a new throne. To make your decision easier, we have compiled the top features you should consider while shopping around.

new gold toilet


From bone white china to matte black, you can get a new toilet in almost any colour to match your design decisions. The most available and therefore less expensive option is white or a shade of white. If you’re feeling lush you can even opt for gold ?

dual flush new toilet

Dual Flush

The primary reason to get a dual flush toilet is to conserve water. One button uses less water (to be used for liquids) and one uses more water (to be used for solids). If you use the correct button each time, you can save a substantial amount of dough. However, these new toilets come with some issues. The mechanisms are not as easy to fix and can be more costly than traditional toilets to repair. Furthermore, since the low water flush uses less water it can require more cleaning.

Flushing Performance

Every new toilet will have a flush rating demonstrating the maximum number of gallons per flush. The usual performance is 1.6 gallons/flush and a high efficiency toilet can use 1.3 gallons/flush or less. In our experience, high efficiency isn’t always better. If you are using it a lot you want to make sure it can get the job done. If clogging due to pressure is a problem, you can opt for a pressure assisted toilet. This type of new toilet has a mechanism in the back to help pressurize the flush and give it an extra boost.

Seat Height

A standard new toilet is around 14.5” from the bowl to the rim (not including seat). A comfort height toilet is around 16-19” depending on the brand. This increase in height can help people with sitting and then standing up, and are particularly helpful for the elderly.

Bowl Shape

There are two main styles of bowl shapes to choose from; round or elongated. A round bowl is good for smaller spaces, people of smaller size, and those who are potty training a child. These types of bowls are also less expensive as they have been on the market longer. The advantages to elongated bowls are that they offer increased comfort for adults, have a more powerful flush and are slightly more stylish than a round bowl.

round vs elongated new toilet

Visible, Concealed, or Skirted

The standard and less expensive new toilet will feature visible traps. This means the back base of the toilet bowl will be molded with the outline of the trapway visible. These bends make it difficult to clean but this still remains the most popular style. A toilet with a concealed trapway has a smooth base, concealing the trapways. This style is slightly more expensive but much easier to clean. A skirted new toilet is the most modern choice and the easiest to clean, providing a completely smooth bowl from front to back. At a higher price point, a skirted toilet makes a bold statement.

new toilet trap styles

One Piece or Two Piece Design

There are three main differences between a one piece and a two piece toilet. First, and probably your most important, is price. The one piece toilet will be more expensive. The next difference is the installation. Two piece toilets come in more rough-in configurations than one piece toilets due to the fact that they have been on the market longer. Also, if you are planning to install the new toilet yourself, a one piece is usually larger, heavier, and harder to install. The final consideration is cleanliness. Since the one piece will not have a space between the bowl and tank, keeping it cleaner is easier.

one vs two piece new toilet

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