Prevent Drainage Issues With Catch Basin Pumping


Catch basin pumping performed yearly is the #1 way to prevent and mitigate flooding issues on your property!

At Trouble Shooters, we own and operate two vacuum pumping trucks that are specifically designed to pump out catch basins, area drains, and sump pits. We partner with leading property owners all over Toronto to ensure their properties are looked after every year.

overflowing catch basin

Why Do Catch Basin Pumping?

By pumping out the basin and removing all dirt, debris and garbage you can ensure that the outlet is clear. Keeping the outlet clear is the ONLY way for the basin to remove water. If you wait or do not perform catch basin pumping, the outlet can become clogged and cause overflowing. Flooding out your parking lot, garage or driveway!

Once the basin is all clear, a technician can then examine the basin for defects, cracking or the starting of a collapsed side/outlet. If you are experiencing drainage issues it could be that the outlet pipe has collapsed or is blocked by cement from the basin collapsing. The only way to catch this, is to pump out the basin and inspect it. Discovering these issues before they become a problem ensures your property remains safe. Preventative maintenance helps prevent emergencies!

The Trouble Shooters Advantage

At Trouble Shooters, we own and operate all our own vacuum trucks. This ensures the highest level of quality control and service. Our largest vacuum truck can clean more than 20 catch basins a day. This is the most common truck we send to do outdoor parking lot catch basin pumping. This truck also has the ability to power flush the outlets of the basins. This guarantees the outlet is operational and can help identify an issue, if there is one.

Our specialized smaller vacuum truck is used for underground garages. Specifically, the area drains or catch basin pumping where a big truck cannot fit.

If your property is experiencing regular flooding because of drainage issues, call the trusted team at Trouble Shooters today! Get our vacuum trucks working for you! Remember it is essential to perform catch basin pumping BEFORE Spring and Fall due to heavy rain.