How To Tell If Your Catch Basin Needs Repair


At Trouble Shooters, we actively work with commercial property managers to complete catch basin repair and maintenance in a timely manner. Our regular maintenance customers see this benefit when our vacuum truck visits the property for their annually scheduled catch basin cleaning. During the cleaning, our driver inspects the basin to ensure there are no issues, cracks, or other catch basin repair items that need to happen in the immediate future.

If you are concerned whether you need a catch basin repair, here are two big signs to watch for:

Catch Basin repair_new
  1. When it rains you notice pooling water

The water should flow smoothly into the basin without issue during a normal rain storm. If dirt, debris or garbage is collecting at the lid, this can cause pooling water. However, if there is no accumulation and the water is not going down, there may be another issue. The basin might need to be pumped out or there could be larger debris clogging the outlet pipe. In some instances, a side of the basin may have crumbled down and is blocking the outlet. This catch basin repair would have to happen as soon as possible before the next rain event.

  1. The asphalt is sinking in around the lid

If the asphalt is not level with the lid that is a great indicator that there is an issue. The harsh freeze thaw of Toronto winters can wreak havoc on catch basins and asphalt. This weather system can cause the interior of the basin to break down and collapse allowing the surrounding dirt and asphalt to shift down and create a dip, holes, or cracks near the catch basin lid. If you notice this, have it inspected by a professional right away as you likely need a catch basin repair.

Scarborough Catch Basin Repair

At Trouble Shooters, we recognize the urgency in completing any catch basin repair before it becomes a liability for your property. Our team is qualified and knowledgeable in many areas of catch basin repair and maintenance. Call us today to obtain more information or arrange a site visit to further investigate your issue!